Fighitng munna in the glacial palace

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ok. i think im stuck here but i just need some advice. i have gotten to the place in the floating glacial palace where you fight munna, chandlure, and 4 gigalith. but i cant seem to get past this point. the first time i fought them i had 4 revive seeds, 1 move blocking orb, and some oran berries. they focused axew and he died almost instantly and drained all my revive seeds with him. i had used the move block orb but they took those turns to walk to axew. since then i have challenged munna 5 more times and its been A LOT worse. her psybeam kills axew kinda fast. to counter this i gave him my only iron and a defense scarf but still no chance. i also know that foe hold orbs work on munna only and are practically useless as they wear off on her after 2 turns. BTW im snivy. so far i havent died yet. (i havent used items on me either). does anyone know how to beat munna kinda easily. my levels are 37 virizion, 38 emolga, 39 axew, and 40 snivy (me). items. all power band except axew who has def scarf. i have completely run out of move block orbs and revive seeds. plus i really dont want to go through the whole place again. if i can even leave, which i dont think i can. just any advice from someone who has beaten this boss
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EDIT. also if anyone has the exact health amounts they have please post it
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Next time don't put a spoiler in the topic.
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