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how do pokemon post on the request board if he was lost? (Archived)JPHL67/8/2013
Average age of players? (Archived)
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How much will I like this game (Archived)Executor1527/6/2013
Wow, moves take FORVER to reach the maximum level... (Archived)FierceDeity102677/4/2013
Does this game contain all of the 649 pokemon? (Archived)Drill_Dozer86/27/2013
What's a good moveset for my starter Tepig and my partner Snivy? (Archived)Duncanwii16/27/2013
Is this better than the previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games? (Archived)chillv56/26/2013
Archen stat growth (Archived)JoJoX20036/26/2013
The challenge bosses are awesome. (Archived)pikachupwnage76/26/2013
Does this game remix the PMD1 final boss/legendary theme? (Archived)guwa36/25/2013
How far am I from the end? *spoilers* (Archived)SlimeStack26/24/2013
This or DKCR? (Archived)Link48476/23/2013
Best PMD story? (Spoilers in topic) (Poll)TheLordOfBugs26/23/2013
can you get resolute forme? (Archived)Leaf204916/23/2013
I don't understand the advantage of companion mode (Archived)Wandering__Hero56/22/2013
Spare recommendation codes!? (Archived)Pezaroo123416/22/2013
Is it better to save stat ups or use them immediately? (Archived)Wandering__Hero26/20/2013
Wheres the gen 1's? (Archived)80s_Memory106/19/2013
My Palpatoad left in Paradise (Elite Boutique) (Archived)OshawottGuy436/18/2013
I'm still not sure if I think this game is better than Explorers of Sky or not. (Archived)
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