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What is a good way to get the 7777 hit combo trophy?MegaRamza37/24 11:42AM
Should i play burst first?crisiscorekid56/21 1:18PM
How long did it took you to max out all Masteries?sailormoonfetis36/7 6:59PM
Is there a way to skip Lingerie Lottery animation?sailormoonfetis26/3 1:27PM
What is the difference between Shinovi Versus and Estival Versus?That_70s_show26/3 2:03AM
anyone wanna play online?BlushingPichu36/2 12:09PM
Are the teams other than Hanzo that bad or do I just need to learn to suck less?WraithGirl65/20 11:36AM
Where can I buy the let get physical edition?akihara245/18 11:29AM
When did this game become so pricey?RHF34/25 9:00PM
play with medefine323/4 6:22PM
Was there some secret mode after maxing all flash yin yang forms?anubisbahamut12/27 1:31PM
If I have multiple save files for each route, will the 4th route still unlock?loki00_0032/12 9:31PM
Why is this considered to be one of the worst games by fans?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ScarsAlign172/4 10:31AM
There has got to be a way to unlock the dressing room trophy on a PSTV...KillerSpecialK21/5 6:25PM
Is there a list of lines in the dressing room?TheRobber31/1 4:52PM
So, I am freaking terrible at this game. I need some pointers.J Koch1012/21 11:18PM
Why wasn't this game censored....ScarsAlign412/6 6:51PM
Shinovi Versus PvP today.gadgaurd112/5 1:12PM
How long for final piece of lingerieGL7776310/28 7:38PM
Shinovi Versus HD Coming to Steam
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Algasir1210/28 7:36PM
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