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Sephiroth and Phantom Advice?
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KHIIFreaK7193129/13 11:28PM
The real hidden boss of this game is whoever greenlit Sniperwilds
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Vohn_Exel159/13 9:46AM
Rate this game: Kingdom Hearts Remix 1.5! (Poll)ChaoticFairness109/12 8:16AM
If you beat all 3 games, do you get an extra cutscene? Something like that?gawado89/10 10:49AM
Should've been called 358/2 Ice Cream
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XDark_KalasX209/10 7:44AM
Slow version of Sanctuary? Does it have an official soundtrack? KH SPOILERS (Archived)gawado49/9 12:12PM
I'm playing Chains of memoires... (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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cameronpbb299/9 7:55AM
Giant white mushroom enemy? (Archived)nintendoland99/9 7:53AM
Attack power of different Keyblade cards (Archived)MasterAdeptAlex69/8 12:37PM
What is the worst part of getting the platinum for this collection? (Poll)
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EclairReturns129/8 12:03PM
Which synth items are best farmed pre-HB again? SPOILERS (Archived)
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Ryan86909/8 11:23AM
I really like Xion's incredibly soft-voiced voice actress. KH Safety SPOILERS (Archived)
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gawado219/8 7:52AM
Worth buying? (Archived)
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kokobeng10000149/8 7:52AM
Am I gonna need the equivalent of 60+ mystery goo to get power ups etc? SPOILERS (Archived)
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gawado269/8 7:35AM
Huh. About Riku and Shion... *KINGDOM HEARTS SERIES SPOILERS* (Archived)gawado29/6 8:04AM
I just beat Chins of memories. (Archived)cameronpbb69/6 7:19AM
Chain. One chain. A single Chain of Memories. (Archived)Vohn_Exel89/5 11:50PM
Impossible treasure chest Hollow Bastion? (Archived)Oixord69/5 6:59AM
How can low number cards break higher numbered cards? (Archived)ChaosWraith189/4 12:32PM
Question about clear files for extra reward chests (Archived)RemixV469/4 12:13PM