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Kurt Zisa whine topic
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worried that I messed up
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Working on a perfect file, am I forgetting anything? (Some spoilers)DiegoWolfwood104/14 6:34AM
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Why is Japanese FM in English? (Archived)
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I made an accessory list while playing the game, thought I'd share it. (Archived)DiegoWolfwood44/9 8:44AM
Lady Luck or Olympia (Archived)Gustavix48274/6 7:31PM
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Is there a way to make Ripple Drive useful/not garbage in any capacity? (Archived)Gen_Woundwort64/4 4:12PM
Is 358/2 day worth actually playing, or should i just watch the cutscenes? (Archived)
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? Where's Neverland? (Archived)Oinotnaaa54/4 1:08AM
Is it possible to platinum CoM without getting special cards? (Archived)
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