Are missables in the Final Mix version different from the original game?

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First page dude...
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Well that didn't help.
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Only the relocation of one former-missable. The Red Trinity at Oogie's Manor in Halloween Town was moved out of the way of the destruction of the Manor.
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Thanks! So really just the torches in the Coliseum?
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Don't think the torchs are missable, though i guess kinda as you can put them out with the different blizzard forms. Pretty sure you can get the gummies in other ways though so not truely missable
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I think the only real missables now are:

The chest with a Protect Chain at Destiny Islands (in the Cove; take the crate to an opening in the rock face, find chest, get armor)

2 chests in Wonderland's Rabbit Hole:
1. after setting foot into the Lotus Forest, but before presenting evidence for the Queen. I believe it holds a Camping Set still, might've changed for FM (and Camping Sets can simply be bought later)
2. After taking out the Crank Tower, but before the auto-eject from Hollow Bastion. This one held a Mega Potion in the original, but it may have been changed here. (again, Mega-Potions can be easily synthed later on)

Extinguishing the Coliseum torches with Blizzara (99% sure the chest is a Holy-G in FM. Lost Forever when Blizzaga is obtained, but a Holy-G can simply be bought at that point, so it'd just be missing the treasure chest)

There's also a number of new Gummi chests and items that replace some other stuff here (namely the old Gummi chests. Most of the Wing & Armor gummi chests from the original have been replaced with better Gummis, like weapons, cockpits, engines, boosters, radars, shields, and new ones made specifically for FM. However, if you buy them from the Gummi shop, the chests will never open, since you can never sell those Gummis like with the Wings & Armor. So word of advice: don't buy the Gummis from the shop in Traverse Town. The Upgrades go ahead, but the parts are mostly gotten from chests in the worlds now as well as the Dalmations (also, iirc their final gift is altered; they only give the basic Gummi set now, maxing all Wing & Armor pieces, so feel free to visit them immediately after rescuing all their puppies.)

But other than these, the Journal can be filled out completely without worry about missing anything, all that can be missed are a few items (like a Mega-Potion from Aerith before fighting Guard Armor), the aforementioned chests, and some mostly negligible (though possibly entertaining) dialogue.
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Are there a lot of new gummi stuff for FM? Also is the gummi ship stuff different at all or the same?
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There is a lot of new content for the Gummi Ship in Final Mix, and many present Gummi chests and items from the original were changed around in FM. Namely, most chests that held Shells & Dispels now contain more useful Gummis like higher-grade Weapons, Engines, Specials (some completely new), and Cockpits. Some have changed from Gummis to other things like synthesis materials as well (usually rare ones to boot, like Dark Matter). In addition, the new Missions also give parts and new blueprints once they are completed; these are all new to FM.

As for the Gummi sections themselves, all that's changed are the enemies. They look more like their FF enemy namesakes now; your ship still moves the same, the enemy formations haven't changed, and aside from different colorations, the routes are exactly like KH1. Their drops are still the same as well, so nothing new in the actual routes except for the missions.
Things I learned from Earthbound: Toothbrushes blind people, mushrooms are evil, and trees explode when they die.