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3 years ago#1
Been awhile since I played KH1, but I swear I remember that if you hit white mushrooms with three of the same spells at the correct time, not only did you get a guaranteed drop of whatever Art you should get, but also the corresponding crystal as well. I've done quite a few mushrooms in KHFM and yet no crystals. Am I just remembering this wrong?
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3 years ago#2
i dont remember but i think now they only drop the art for three same spells and the shard for whatever the last spell used is....but the shard only drops if you use different spells....i havent tried doing the same three spells for an art i already have...so i dont know if it will drop another art or a shard...and then theres a chance at mystery goo no matter how you do it i think....
3 years ago#3
yeah it is 100% drop for the art if you use the same three spells, and like 10% for a mystery goo, but I thought the crystal was 100% as well if you used the same three spells.
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3 years ago#4
You have a higher chance to get the gem, but it's not guaranteed.
3 years ago#5
What do the Arts items do again?
3 years ago#6
zex_army posted...
What do the Arts items do again?

You can sell them for munny. If you get all seven of them and talk to Merlin, you get Goofy's Dream Shield.
3 years ago#7
100% for an Art. 10% Mystery Goo. 25% Gem.
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3 years ago#8
^Well, that sucks. White Musrooms were always my go-to guys for Mystery Goo.
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