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Is tarzan in this game? (Archived)
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DD replaces ASAS? (spoilers) (Archived)MumboJ312/23 12:55PM
Finished game, got speedster, but accidentally reset.... (Archived)klausbaudelaire512/23 11:27AM
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Something that always bugged me about the series... (Archived)keybladeXIII812/22/2013
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How flawless is this port, what are these glitches I hear about? Any in gameplay (Archived)
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How do I get attack cards in Re: Chain of Memories? (Archived)HakuMan111386612/21/2013
Do you have to go all the entire Hades Cup when you do solo? (Archived)artenuga54312/21/2013
Can't progress in Atlantica (Archived)Kikoman589712/21/2013
Any tips on getting the Barrel Spider enemy card? (Archived)i like rpgz312/21/2013
*successfully hits Release twice, breaking free* (Archived)LightOfJudgment612/21/2013
Gummi Ship designs for missions? (Archived)
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I am getting very frustrated. (Archived)
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How does reloading Sora's file work after beating Riku's story (CoM) (Archived)i like rpgz312/21/2013
As a new guy to the game I was intimidated at first by all the extra bosses..... (Archived)
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