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After all these years, I still have trouble against the trio and Riku on DI. (Archived)superstud69x63/13/2014
Who else had problems getting the disc out the case? (Archived)
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Is Mushu useless? (Archived)
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How do I stun a Fat Bandit? (Archived)
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Order of games question (Archived)
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Mini-games and difficulty in Re:CoM (Archived)leonia1933/11/2014
Built my first Gummi Ship... (Archived)Trainalf33/11/2014
You know, as much as I love taking the staff... (Archived)vgsrule83/10/2014
Question about a scene in Re:CoM (spoilers) (Archived)GamblerOfFate103/10/2014
Playing CoM after Final Mix was a terrible idea, also got some questions. (Archived)stonyg33/10/2014
"Man, now the score's 0 to 1!" (Archived)Zeth_Cross33/10/2014
Is it easier to get to level 100 in normal or Proud difficulty? (Archived)pkingdom73/10/2014
Random Joker - how rare? (Archived)Kebladeking23/10/2014
Atlantica (Archived)
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Okay, what's the fastest way to kill 5000 Heartless? (Archived)_Kashi_93/9/2014
Re:Com Speed run tips? (Archived)mjj77773/9/2014
Done pooh swing mini game but no stopra? wtf? (Archived)
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Are donald and goofy suppose to attack the giant pink mushroom? (Archived)super hotshot bowser83/9/2014
New Kingdom Hearts player! Quick question! (Archived)SquirrelTown73/9/2014
Missing blue trinity mark (desperate) (Archived)Southpaw8963/9/2014
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