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Replaying KHII and the MP system is shocking (Archived)
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Time to over think parts of the story. (Archived)
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Dark Gunner112/7/2014
So does I heard this game has some sort code system to stop people buying used? (Archived)sPK262/7/2014
Anti-Sora on Proud is kind of a jerk. With a capital "D" if you catch my meaning (Archived)squid_boy82/7/2014
Rare Item Drops (Archived)DeathMtnDew92/7/2014
Final boss rush (KH1) Spoilers, maybe* (Archived)Deadshot280292/7/2014
Speedster? (Archived)Deadshot280272/7/2014
Huh... I was expecting more of a challenge (secret boss spoiler) (Archived)Xigbar77772/6/2014
Now that it's been a little while, which soundtrack do you prefer? (Poll)vgsrule82/6/2014
Chain of Memories Self-Imposed Challenges? (Archived)polojump82/6/2014
Best Keyblade for Critical Hits (Archived)airmike2362/6/2014
About to embark on a lvl 1 proud mode run (Archived)polojump52/5/2014
Just finished KH1 for second time ever... (Archived)II Sora II52/5/2014
Wait, so does Darkness have Curaga abilities (SPOILERS)? (Archived)WhataRecch32/5/2014
what Is rng?? (Archived)unlikelyserge22/5/2014
Is it possible to set the Right Stick to traverse the Command Menu? (Archived)Milla_Maxwell92/5/2014
Missed item question (Archived)Terrabell72/5/2014
List of all sleights? (Archived)GetPhiledIn32/5/2014
Most difficult experience (KH1.5) (Archived)
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Is Final Mix mode supposed to be the equivalent of Expert Mode from the original (Archived)i like rpgz32/4/2014
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