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How do I get passed Ansem's attack in which he rams you as a purple energy ball? (Archived)
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Camera inverted / normal (Archived)Severedbum81/4/2014
Did they change how Riku's duels worked? I feel like mashing X is less effective (Archived)Sticky_Derp31/4/2014
Donald and Goofy settings (Archived)Severedbum51/4/2014
Does difficulty affect anything like secret endings in ReCoM? (Archived)Tass61/4/2014
Not sure if nerfed or just really good at game (Archived)vegna36081/4/2014
Wait, can you defeat Ursula with the cauldron alone? (Archived)vgsrule51/4/2014
'Hidden' Zero exp benefits.. (Archived)FFFanatic123451/4/2014
After a long hiatus, I finally beat a Ansem with +Rod -Shield on Proud Mode (Archived)PerseusRad71/3/2014
how much exp does the pink argaricus give at 100 hits? (Archived)demonforger51/3/2014
Just how nerfed is MP Rage? (Archived)FFFanatic123471/3/2014
I find it funny how easy the game gets after Agrabah. (Archived)BNVshark12341/3/2014
Proud mode, initial equipment only, Final Destination (spoilers?) (Archived)Scrubedge61/3/2014
Honest Soul Trophy (Escape From Monstro) glitch? (Archived)thenewendymion41/3/2014
a couple questions plz (Archived)rahki200081/3/2014
Dawn / Midday / Dusk (Archived)
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Thoughts so far compared to the original KH1 (Archived)
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Your favorite summon other than Tinker Bell (Poll)AzurexNightmare61/2/2014
19 mythril and 34 shards, is that enough? (Archived)GetPhiledIn21/2/2014
God damnit Donald.... (Archived)Darkflame41181/2/2014