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Honestly the most annoying thing about COM is... (Archived)dark_aerith101/22/2014
Look at this awesome image. THIS is what we should've gotten for Days. (Archived)
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Atlantica Gummi Ship Mission 3 (Archived)Mystearical91/21/2014
Share your battle record. (Archived)happypor100pre31/21/2014
The Altantica gummi mission is so cheap (Archived)12ILOVEFIRE2151/21/2014
i need I need to grind in final mix (Archived)henzler3101/21/2014
I did it! I finally defeated Unknown! (SPOILERS) (Archived)ExtremeLight91/21/2014
encounter plus (Archived)bughopper31/21/2014
Another Side, Another Story?? (Archived)Dawn_Wanderer81/21/2014
Why does my game keep crashing after (minor spoilers).... (Archived)Cj_Blazer21/21/2014
Is Kingdom Hearts 2 included in this game? (Archived)
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I just found out Lance Bass voices Sephiroth. (Archived)
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Hypothetical, just cause: Marluxia succeeds... *series spoilers* (Archived)Jabodie91/20/2014
So, about the Unchanging Armor trophy... (Archived)DanaDoo1271/20/2014
358/2 Movies Question *Spoilers for all 3 games included* (Archived)SupremeLord505031/20/2014
What next after Kingdom Hearts? (Poll)
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Honest opinion (Archived)
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Is it me or is COM hard? (Archived)
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358/2 days bonus question (Archived)Waizard13101/19/2014
Last red trinity? (Archived)totaldude9441/19/2014
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