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I have a confession to make about the gummi ship... (Archived)
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How to make Phantom look like a ridiculous chump (even on Proud) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
How do you increase the total number of cards you can carry? (Archived)HOTJaVaLaVa72/1/2014
Final Mix Proud mode Tips (Archived)KH_FF_Fanatic91/31/2014
I played KHFM on proud mode (Archived)
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kingdom hearts re chain of memory first time playing (Archived)
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game price when up? (Archived)Raiku355541/31/2014
Just finished the game 100%! (Archived)Jabodie31/31/2014
How hard is proud mode??? (Archived)
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Not even gonna lie, the Crown Gummi made the missions totally worth it. (Archived)Jabodie51/29/2014
Other worlds will not appear. (Archived)ThyGentleman91/29/2014
Any tips for EOtW gummi mission 3? (Archived)12ILOVEFIRE2171/28/2014
can I change the controls for the gummi ship. X & Y axis. (Archived)LandscapeManX21/28/2014
Is there a way to fast-travel to lands,. cause Gummi missions get tedious. (Archived)LandscapeManX41/27/2014
dream shield and wizard's relic KH1FM (Archived)supermichael1181/27/2014
Why does everyone reccomend sonic blade&lethal flame spam?(RE:Com) (Archived)yoshirulezzz81/27/2014
What are the solo and time trial rewards for each cup? (Archived)Alucard6553571/27/2014
Farming for the Defender shield, and I don't think this is normal........ (Archived)HOTJaVaLaVa61/27/2014
49 minutes into CoM... (Archived)
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Blueprint bug or maybe my mistake? (Archived)12ILOVEFIRE2131/27/2014
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