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1 year ago#1
It appears that the online crowd for this game have burned out, and are starting to disappear. Over the past couple days it's been near impossible to get a game going with people who have the armor and weapons to actually be in my room. I guess I'm just wondering if people out there who have invested the time to build up high armor and weapons are still playing, cause I'm not finding most of them anymore.

I'm looking for good people to keep plugging through percentage building if you're out there.
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1 year ago#2
How many people are typically on the server on the 360 version? With the PS3 it's roughly around 20 during prime hours and 12 early morning to noon.
1 year ago#3
Not sure. I always host my own rooms, and typically see anywhere from six to eight people come and go. Unfortunately as of late they've been low end players who aren't ready (character wise) for the harder difficulties that I've been playing.
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1 year ago#4
I mostly host my own rooms, and I've been too busy to play for the last few days. I do play every Thursday night with my girlfriend and a few friends though.
1 year ago#5
We'll be back. I'm just now finishing up my last few missions on Hard mode and about half of Hardest, bringing me just up to 70%. That's probably when I'll give it some rest and my EDF 2025 machine can go back to being an Xbox 360 for a while. When I come back for Inferno, I'll be taking things much slower, and once I finally finish that up, it'll be just like every other EDF. I keep it in my main rotation of games pretty much until I don't have the console hooked up anymore. This would have been a good digital purchase, but I've got like 7gb out of 250 left on my hard drive, so it wasn't really an option, and I prefer hardcopy anyway.

Part of it, like I've said before, is this game's lobby system. People do not want to waste their lives waiting 10-20 minutes in a lobby several times a day. Random online play is going to take a severe hit unless they somehow patch us with a seamless drop-in update. That was one of the things that's kept IA going as long as it has, you can still get a game on there at sporadic times of day. If not for that, it'd be deader than disco.

New people are coming in all the time too, especially once this game drops in price.

yukoncornel posted...
How many people are typically on the server on the 360 version? With the PS3 it's roughly around 20 during prime hours and 12 early morning to noon.

That's about the same you'll see on 360. There are 20+ lobbies open right now, and maybe about half in the early morning, sometimes as few as 5-6.
1 year ago#6
Looks like the modders are starting to take over. I saw four people yesterday with modded profiles givign them billions of armor.

Between the modders and impatient people who jump in and out of rooms within seconds, only to return a minute later and do the same thing, it took me an hour just to get a solid room going last night.
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1 year ago#7
Yeah, you have to let them know even if you're going to back out and retreat, because it takes a few seconds to get through the load screen. I usually just say I'm restarting or ask them to hang in there if I'm almost through, something like that. Most of the time I'll back out to the lobby even if I'm nearly halfway into the current mission. It's just as much a waste of time as waiting in a lobby myself, but at least I got to blow up some bugs in the meantime. Just allowing us to spectate would make a world of difference.

That kind of thing pisses me off though, the billions of armor. I'm sure it's something to do with my latent obsessive compulsive tendencies, but I feel filthy when I'm in the same game with hackers of any kind, whether it be EDF, Borderlands, Dark Souls or whatever. Ever since I tried downloading some bwlauncher program for Starcraft twelve years ago and getting a virus from it, or using the Missingno glitch and corrupting my save file on Pokemon Blue, I've just had a strong aversion to all things hacked.
1 year ago#8
A spectate mode would have been great for this game.

As far as the people jumping in and out, I rarely get the chance to go back to the lobby before they're gone. A lot of times all I get out is "hello" on the keypad, and they're gone. I get that people don't want to wait twenty minutes in a lobby to play, but maybe communicating with the other players when you enter the room would help that. Show the people playing that you're going to stick around long enough for them to get back from the game to the lobby.

Not only that, but the people who go lobby hopping seem to be the same people doing it all the time. I can't tell you how many times I've seen Ryan and/or Zero enter and exit within seconds from my room multiple times on a daily basis. It's almost like a running joke at this point.
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1 year ago#9
I hate it when i just start a mission, see someone joined, hit start and select the Retreat option to pick them up and by the time the loading screen ends and the lobby menu pops up their gone.

Makes me yell WTF! Lol
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1 year ago#10
Tell them either I'm restarting.> or Hang in there!> if the mission is almost over, they're under the quit/retry and talk/encourage tabs, I think. That usually works for me.

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