Weapons that are more powerful than their level suggests

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2 years ago#1
Vulcan Hammer ZD
I scoffed at the striker weapons for the longest time and always thought the Fencer had no choice but to run and kite when confronted with red ants. Then I tried the ZD, and oh my goodness me-oh-my. This is the one weapon that tells those pinch happy bastardasses to sit down and shut up, and they do. Just one swing from this mother at max charge will silence whole hordes of them. It hits/charges/reloads among the fastest of any hammer and offers a massive 90% reduction in damage taken while attacking. The only drawback is its range, but that doesn't matter because red ants (and most enemies on Inferno) get right up in your face anyway. By far my favorite of the Fencer's CC strikers, and the most powerful in my opinion, only a Lv56.

Stringer J9
After unlocking my Lysander Z recently, I expected the be-all end-all of sniper rifles at the Ranger's disposal, but unfortunately it does come up short online at times. Type 2 drones and other enemies still take two hits from the LZ in the later missions, unacceptable for me. But the J9 still does the job in one hit and remains a perfectly adequate boss killer. It may lag behind the Lysander Z and even Hercules by just a hair, but you get all your damage in at once, which means less vulnerable time spent in the open, allowing you to retreat and avoid damage while reloading. I guess I had to make due with it for so long while searching for my Lysander Z, but I really came to appreciate this one for its consistency. 8k damage - bang - no questions asked. If it ain't a Jakobs, I'd rather be dead. Lv75 and it's still preferable to its successors in many situations.

Super Acid Gun
This thing is superior in damage to the AF100, you just need to have steady aim. It also excels at crowd control. The AF100 is far more versatile of course, but if you're going to be fighting hordes of very tough enemies like red ants and silver spiders, SAG all the way. Lv57.

Burst Firecracker
Who would have thought party favors could prove so lethally effective in the war against the Ravagers. Like the Idunn, these are a wear Ďem down and knock Ďem out kind of weapon. The great thing is that unlike most high explosives such as the Stingray, Goliath, UMAX etc., these donít send enemies flying everywhere, making them even harder to kill quickly. You want them clustered up and immobilized, and thatís exactly what these do. When they hit, enemies just hover a couple feet off the ground and then set right back down into the next batch of firecrackers over and over until they die, itís perfect. Not as cool as launching a shoulder-mounted rocket, but it works. Lv55.

Or as I would call it: Gungnir Jr. Possibly the most underappreciated weapon in the game. Yeah, it seems weak at only 6k damage and a complete energy drain to pay for it, but guess what (and I'm sure most seasoned players know this ), it actually fires three shots at once when you have a full energy meter. But it says nothing about this in the weapon stats! Test it yourself by first draining your wing reserves to a quarter bar, it will only fire one laser instead of three. This means you're dishing out 18,000 damage in one shot at full power. That is truly deserving of its monstrous moniker at just a 10-second reload, and only a Lv55.

Electromagnetic Prison
I discovered this one grinding mission 88. At 24,000 durability, it's only 6k below the Absolute Bunker, so you're pretty much looking at a taller, wider Absolute Bunker that gives you much better coverage from airborne attacks. That, and it reloads in a blazingly brief FIVE seconds, as compared to the half-minute reloads of the AB and Electromagnetic Wall, just Lv56.

What are some hidden gems you've found tucked away in the Lv50-70 range?
2 years ago#2
Can't say for that level range, but going through Hard I found the Idunn-D Custom (lv25 if memory serves me right) far preferable to most my other weapons, a lot of which rested in the level 40-50 range.
2 years ago#3
Yes, I recall the same. The E was all right, but a bit of an energy hog and didn't seem to make quite as big of an improvement as the D from C, which stood head and shoulders above, and the E2 was horrendously inaccurate with even greater energy squander, easily the worst of the Idunn series.
2 years ago#4
Im gonna sound like a broken record but levels mean nothing.
If the weapon model is the last in that line then its worth checking.

Like that vulcan hammer ZD, that the last vulcan hammer youll ever get.

BTW what are the type 2 drones that a lyzander Z cant take down? Also you forgot that the stringer J9 pierces targets.
2 years ago#5
Yes, that too. I love the armor piercing on the Stringers. Type 2 drones are just what I call the "flying vehicles". Depending on which mission you're playing and how many people you have in a game, their hp scales above 5,500.

That's sort of what this topic is about. Basically to spread awareness that weapon levels don't dictate effectiveness. I can think back to at least two times where I've been kicked out of a game because I switched from something like the standard AF100 + Reverse Shooter X combo to the Super Acid Gun + DNG9 or Flame Geyser DA.
2 years ago#6
Idk... I think that Lyzander Z always out classed all other snipers in the game for me, but that is probably because i always use 2 of them together and know how to quick swap between the two for "almost" double the firing rate... It's the best way to take out long range targets (works good at close range encounters too) with deadly precision and high damage output if you asked me. :/ (except for high HP targets, then Gungnir says Hello, especially with recharging posts from Air Raider)
"No mater how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew." Posted using GameFlux
2 years ago#7
the ranger's energy weapons are definitely good, all of them.
2 years ago#8
i very rarely see people using them online, but the ranger's 'no reload' energy weapons - the fusion blaster G1 (lvl 12), G2 (lvl 32), etc - are awesome. you don't have to burn through them in one go (if you switch weapons they stop firing and save the rest of the clip) and are perfect on levels where you have to take out a few nests, or the two where there's the huge boss dragon. you just wait till he lands and then it stun locks him until he's dead.

also the javelin catapult for the fencer is level ~14 and allows you to dash cancel, so i guess is essential for almost every loadout.
2 years ago#9
Only if you want the fastest dash cancelling, if you can manage with a slower version you can use the attack of a force axe G3 or another weapon with fast attack and cooldown.
2 years ago#10
i feel like the fencer 30mm Gallic Heavy Cannon M2 (level 10) outplays pretty much everything the fencer has for long range damage until the M3 (level 33). it's great damage and easy to aim. it has no splash damage, but that's rarely useful at range, and the fact that is pierces often means you'll knock out more smaller enemies in one shot anyway.

it even feels more useful against flying enemies half the time, as it one shots them, rather than the missiles which often don't, and may end up hurting you as often as them.
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