Weapons that are more powerful than their level suggests

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2 years ago#11
Rycer, how long do you have to charge for to get the maximum hit off that hammer then?

Would you use it over Jackhammers?
2 years ago#12
In most cases, no. Jackhammers are by far the Fencer's most valuable melee weapon and much more versatile. But against red ants on Inferno, absolutely, or in very close quarters like an underground tunnel. It takes about 2.5-3 seconds for a full charge and it dishes out 12,000 damage, the highest of any striker or piercer, and I think the highest of all the Fencer's weapons, discounting the laser guided rockets. I'm fairly certain it's the only thing he has that can down those red buggers in one hit. You're also protected from 90% of any damage taken while attacking. Only the Vulcan ZD and Finest Hammer offer that much defense.
2 years ago#13
I wouldnt use the vulcan zd, the explosion is just too small, and even the previous model with a slightly bigger blast can be hard to use. I used dual vulcans in the "trap" stage and it didnt go as good as I imagined.

Finest hammer destroys buildings and hits lots of enemies, id certainly pick it over the vulcan hammer except maybe for stages where the majority of enemies are hectors of something strong yet small in numbers.

The jackhammer is very good but i kinda find miself using the blasthole spears much more, maybe its because the jack hammer wont let you cancel anything into it or out of. It feels like its good for pairing with guns to take down enemies that close in tough.
2 years ago#14
That's why it's so good against red ants, they get right up in your face and practically beg to get knocked out of the park. The weapon almost seems designed to combat them, as their hp is either 11 or 12k on Inferno, I tested it a few weeks ago. So it does just enough damage. It's the only weapon that can take them in one hit, and what's more - several in one hit. Air raids and ridiculous measures aside of course, like Gungnir, Monster-S, Leviathan etc.
2 years ago#15
Guard Post M2 - The best guard post (.4 magnification) is lvl 17... not the most used weapon/item, but way more powerful than the level would suggest.
2 years ago#16
I couldn't get on with that hammer, I still get swarmed.

Great shouts on the other weapons though. The Monster-S is fantastic.
2 years ago#17
You may want to try dual wielding them for successive hits one after the other. I prefer zipping in for a quick hit and backing out with the Javelin before I get surrounded. That's another thing I love, is that you can charge the Vulcan while catapult cancelling so it's ready when you need it. It's also great for closing tunnel exits quickly. If I were going to dual wield though, I'd go pure melee and equip the Javelin + Jackhammer as my secondaries. The Vulcan is a bit overkill for ordinary ants and spiders.
2 years ago#18
The idea of the hammers is to be able to fight without the need to keep distance, and still survive.

Like rycerX siad, dual wield them so you can be attacking nonstop to take advantage of the damage reduction you having while attacking,
2 years ago#19
I have to say I _LOVE_ the JackHammer. I'm using the M3 model as I have nothing higher. Dash up to a Hector and bash them in the foot (or jump high to "get all up in their grill"). Repeatedly boost up into their air firing the hammer to take out the ants on the ground below... a quality weapon.
2 years ago#20
My problem with the hammer is that I felt like the ants were happy to stay just out of range and vomit acid on me.

The Jackhammer with a decent shield is definitely my weapon of choice in that situation.

I need some alternatives to the high altitude missiles with the Fencer. For me they are the best for crowd control but Geckothelizard isn't a fan of me blowing him up every few seconds.

The 35mm Battle Cannons are fine but in Inferno they take too long to destroy carriers and the recoil is horrible.
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