Now that it's been awhile and most of us have played the game to death...

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What is your honest opinion of it now as opposed to when you first got it?

Overall, there is plenty i liked about 2025, but I enjoyed EDF 2 and 3 (2017) a whole lot more. It's hard to put into words and i don't want to get into an argument with anybody, but i feel like those two previous games had a perfect balance of enemy aggression, level design, number of levels, number of weapons, frequency of weapon drops, and rate of increase in health.

2025 felt a bit off to me. For starters, yeah, there's more total weapons, but the number of weapons per individual is still roughly the same as in the previous games, and now they're spread out over 85 levels, which makes for longer droughts of no new weapons. Also, many of the levels are too frequently missing that fun and crazy swarming effect where the bugs aggressively charge you and only you. I think it has to do with the fact that they give you too many extra soldiers and these extra guys take the bugs' attention away from you. (yes, the bugs still do sometimes charge, just not often enough and not awesomely enough.) They also changed the behavior of the Hectors. They're really not menacing at all anymore. Like on that beach level where they're walking in from the ocean. They don't really go after you. They just stand there trying to kill your extra soldiers who are already set up and ready to shoot them. How is that fun for me? I just stand back and shoot them from far away. In 2017 they would come after me pretty quickly and i'd have to run away. It was awesome and way more fun. I also find the extra bugs they've added, like the wasps, dragons, and retardius, to be more irritating than fun. Why not add some of the creatures from EDF2 like the flying ants, the millipede, and the roly polies?
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Best and most addictive EDF to date. There was something special about the dark, dreary and desolate sci-fi pulp vibe from Global Defense Force that still has the magic, but 2017 was outdone in every way by this one. I'll admit, after you've ground the same three or four missions a hundred times looking for that one final weapon spec, you can get a little sick of the game, but after a couple days off, it was just as fun as ever. This is shaping up to be one of my most-played games on the 360 or any console at 700+ hours in.

It's not without its flaws though. I've said it a million times, I'll say it again: nobody wants to sit in lobby for half an hour, we want to splatter some giant insect heads. The lobby system will hurt this game's longevity and hold it back from its true potential as long as we're denied seamless drop-in.

Some of the level spreads on the weapons were more than a little ridiculous. Like you'll have the Fencer's NC102 and 103 Hand Cannons, Lv20 and 28 respectively, and the only difference between them is that the 103 has a 1-second faster reload, 100 extra damage and an A- in accuracy instead of A+. Completely pointless upgrade. Then you've got absurd level gaps like Lv30 to 60 on the heavy mortars, or 57 to 90 on the Idunn which leaves you with nothing in between.

I can see your point about too many reinforcements on certain missions offline, this is apparent especially on Mission 11 where your EDF troops will literally beat the mission for you. But try playing alone online where you're bumrushed by everything on the map all at once and die in seconds despite your 10k armor. Your troops are about as effective as harsh language. Enemy multipliers are stronger online solo than online co-op, W.. T.. F..

The only thing I hate about the dragons is that they were first identified as "lizards", which got me all excited for Godzilla monsters, then it's like oh.. dragons, hm. So I've got kind of a chip on my shoulder over that. But I don't get why people have such a grudge against retiarius, I think they're an awesome enemy type that serve to keep things from getting too campy, just like the smokers from Left 4 Dead. You said yourself, what fun is it to just hole up and pick enemies off from afar, well retiarius is there to counter that kind of monotony. I don't appreciate that their webs reach through walls, but that's a glitch that extends to all spider webs and hector bullets.

Those are the only criticisms I have for this game, the rest is gravy.
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EDF 2017 was fun and always enjoyable to play. There was plenty of challenges but the game never gave you too much. You never felt overwhelmed or bored.
EDF 2025 is an improvement graphical, but there is honestly too much to do. WHAT?! Yes, EDF 2025 has given you too much for your money. 4 classes, 80+ levels. Enjoy repetitive boring gameplay!
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EDF 2017 Portable was the best. 10x less online issues and 10x less lag. If 2025 cleared up those problems it would be the better game.
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Some missions almost never gets old, some others are just "never touching that thing again". On your first playthrough, you always see right away if you're enjoying a certain mission and begin thinking about what you'd use for next time.

Create a 27-Crimson inferno "fun-friendly" lobby online and you'll most likely get at least 1 cheerful guy with a mic. That mission can still quickly turn from a "cheap easy shots on reds" thing to a "death by ragdoll" thing if you become overconfident and mess up even with high armor (might want to lower your max armor if you're testing new weapons, watching ragdoll-action for too long without adequate weaponry to free yourself is rage-inducing).

If you're looking for a good time, not many people would think right away about M91-M92-M93-M94 or any missions with wasp hives but you'd most likely check out the earlier missions lobbies and go for some classics (or equip gungnir-like weaponry and help out others in their loot farming).

It's even more fun if you stop worrying more about red/green drops than staying alive and restarting, that's another good thing about the early level lobbies. The loot isn't very high so missing a few crates isn't as important as in farming levels (where everyone barrel-roll around the last ennemy until everything has been grabbed) so you can simply focus on squashing bugs.
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EDF 2017 is still king.

The extra classes are good and I love having online co-op but the difficulty multipliers online make Inferno a bit too hard for my liking.

As someone who likes to max the achvs out, this game truly overstays its welcome too.

It's great. Better than most games, but could have been better.
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2025 was an all around improvement, but has some problems that need addressing in the next game:
1. Offline and online completion % is separate why? With 94 levels and 3DLC packs doing it all twice is just asinine. Sometimes the Internet is down and some people want to play alone most of the time but not always.
2. The weapon list is a damn mess. Put in more columns or a collapsible list with more categories. Then give the player some ability to mark or sort weapons, even if it it just a happy face for weapons we like and sadface for weapons we never want to use again- ever.
3. The lobby system of checking a dozen in progress games then having to log out to search different DLC... this is 2014, right? Why is this system so primitive and terrible?
4. Too many levels! Hear me out... How many levels revolve around clearing out nests in the city? How about taking down drop ships in the country side? How about facing down wave after wave in the ruins of the city? Yeah, exactly. Having fewer more distinctive levels with a bit of randomness would be much more enjoyable and less of a slog fest.
5. Weapon acquisition governed purely by the RNG gods is pretty crappy. So is armor that scales so poorly. So is armor and weapon drops on Inferno being worth the same or potentially the same as drops from easy missions. Maybe having different value armor drops (similar to health) would be a good fix. Same with duplicate weapon drops getting pooled into "development points" which allow you to unlock guaranteed new, but random, weapons.
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I still play it to death. I got burnt out and frustrated with it right after its release, so I took a long, long break until just recently. I think the Air Raider and Fencer classes are wholly unnecessary and the game should have just stuck with Ranger and Wing Diver, but that isn't really a big problem.

If anything, EDF 2025 has me itching to dust off 2017 and give it another go, another game which I quit due to frustration. EDF is about as close to infinite replay value as you are going to get in a video game, and I like how they can be dusted off and played again much later without any feeling of being outdated or bad, like how most video games feel a week after they are released.

I like the huge amount of levels, but I don't like how a good deal of them are just the exact same thing over and over again. More variety, especially with environments, would be a plus.

Basically, I love it. I want more. I want the next EDF to essentially be the same thing, just more streamlined and perfected.
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RycerX posted...
So I've got kind of a chip on my shoulder over that. But I don't get why people have such a grudge against retiarius, I think they're an awesome enemy type that serve to keep things from getting too campy, just like the smokers from Left 4 Dead. You said yourself, what fun is it to just hole up and pick enemies off from afar, well retiarius is there to counter that kind of monotony. I don't appreciate that their webs reach through walls, but that's a glitch that extends to all spider webs and hector bullets.

I think TC's alluding to the fact that their webs clip through solid objects when they shouldn't, which is pretty justified from a technical standpoint.
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Yeah, but then so do all spiderwebs and hector bullets. People most likely single out retarius because more often than not, it spells guaranteed death if your armor/weapons aren't up to snuff. One reason the retarius webs can reach through walls, I've noticed, is that they actually launch their web clusters at you from over the obstacle in question; buildings, hills etc. So they weren't really shooting through the wall, they just sort of drape over and fall through it. I've had ordinary spiderwebs hit me through solid tunnel walls in some of the underground missions though. Wasp needles too.