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User Info: donfolstar

2 years ago#1
According to:


Power posts stack.

I did my own in game testing today and with Ranger-Sniper/Rocket and Wing Diver-Lance/Plasma Launcher did not see any increase in damage with more than one post shooting the poor Air Raider. I also mixed posts and the gun power boosts with no increase.

It is possible that stacking happens but only with certain weapons I guess...

So my question is does anyone have non-anecdotal ("man, it sure seemed like we did more damage...") proof that power posts stack or should someone delete that erroneous thread?

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

2 years ago#2
Plasma generator things seem to stack. I don't know about the posts, I used the most powerful plasma gun thing. Two shots seemed to make my Gungnir recharge faster than one.

User Info: geckothelizard

2 years ago#3
it's really easy to test if the power posts stacks - shoot your own vehicle, or a vehicle in split screen, with 1 or more power posts active. if OP has tested it and they don't stack, then they don't stack i guess.

anecdotally, i've been in sessions when people have put like 6 down, and it's not made it any perceivable amount better, but that's not really a proper test i suppose.

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