Level 77 - achievable on Inferno (Ranger) but... Air Raider?

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2 years ago#1
Picked up the AF100 & the Hercules sniper rife last night, so feeling happy :) but I still have this stage to do on inferno as Air Raider. Is the general (only viable?) tactic to increase the power of the railgun and shoot the enemies in the pit? I've tried the air support but cant do enough damage, or the shield bearers get in the way.
2 years ago#2
Firstly you have to split screen the AR.

If you really absolutely had to do it so on Inferno offline then I'd go with a decent helicopter for the pit enemies and I guess a long range limpet gun for the Big Deroy. Turrets for the drones.

I'd expect to die though.

But even then you might not be able to take out the Earth Eaters. Hmmm!

Yeah soloing this would be impossible. My set up for carrying an AR would be;


Thunderbow/iDunn for Drones (you can snipe them to pick them off without pulling aggro but I don't know if that's a sure thing, if it is I'd take a Gungnir in this slot.).


Plasma Charger (posts or gun, whatever is best)
ZEXR for Drones

That's a guaranteed win I'd say.
2 years ago#3
Unfortunately not... I am split screening when grinding for armour & weapons but ONLY after the characters have beaten the level solo
e.g. Ranger & Wing Diver have beaten stage 77 solo, on inferno, so I can split screen them and grind. But I _cannot_ (under my rules) split screen with Air Raider, because he has only finished up to Hardest on that stage.

I'm also useless with the helicopter ;)
2 years ago#4
haha I like it. One of our EDF team is a little OCD about stuff like that too.

Okay this is a challenge then.

Re: helicopters - the Nereid is autotargetting which could help as you don't have to be good. That said, I'd expect to die in a fireball pretty quickly.

So what to do... I'm guessing limpets go through shields. Their blasts won't maybe but the physical limpet sticky must do. So that might be essential. The one that does 2x4000 damage might be worth a try. Still very tough to pull this off though.

If sniping doesn't aggro anything else (deffo don't shoot the brain as that sets the drones onto you), then you won't need turrets so you could take another limpet thing maybe.

However you do it, it'll be brutal!
2 years ago#5
I have, when required, angered a group of drones to get them to come close and kill them as they get in range. _IF_ they drop health then I'm set up for chipping away at the Hectors below. But it takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. which is something I dislike about playing as Air Raider.

I'll post when I beat the stage... right now grinding for armour on Crimson (easy so I can let the AI kill the ants whilst I do something more productive)
2 years ago#6
One of those Hectors (the blue one?) is a prick. He flings a bolt of instant death at you if you're not careful.

I used to try to farm that level for weapons but I had a 1 in 4 success rate I reckon. DLC 2-16 is key for that.
2 years ago#7
first thing is always taking care of the drones first, without recruiting anyone and never peeking at the hectors in the pit. the best naegling rocket launcher would be good for that.

after they are all dead you just have to snipe the hectors from above.

One of those Hectors (the blue one?) is a prick. He flings a bolt of instant death at you if you're not careful.

when he looks at you just take cover.
2 years ago#8
Is this the one with the Brain and all the Hectors?

This mission is Very easy with the AR even on Inferno, here's how:
Weapon 1:Bring ZEXR guns if you have them, if not then bring a skywire or hard hitting Limpet.
Weapon 2: Bring an Electromagnetic Wall, or absolute if you have it, or any forward barrier.
Vehicle: Bring a Railgun. Nothing but a railgun.

When the mission starts throw your Railgun out, just wait for the Railgun to land, DO NOT shoot anything else. Take out the Large Deroy with the Rail. Then, move to where you can drop your barrier at the end of the road to block hector shots. Drop it, then move your tank behind it so you can shoot downwards, there is a slope at the end of the broken road, use that for angles. You should be able to drop another tank after killing a few.

Once you've cleared Hectors in the safety of your tank/Barrier combo, focus on the fliers, which shouldn't be a problem with your Railgun and skywire/ZEXR/Limpet gun.

Stay on top of the mountaon and shoot the brain, when the Earth Eaters come down, just take out the ones in the way and use your tank to take out the brain.

Also, try not to recruit the soldiers, its not a big deal if you do but it'll help pull away hector shots from you. And, DO NOT shoot the fliers unless you have to, if you start shooting everything on the map you will just aggro everything and most likely die.

The AR is massively underrated in this game, just use it smartly and be patient.
2 years ago#9
what about the shield bearers? They have to die to finish the mission right?
2 years ago#10
everything has to die for the mission to end.

personally I would try to defeat the big deroy then the small ships, and finally focus on everything down the pit.
Im afraid going down there with all the ships alive might aggro them all since the crater is a spot close to all the ship formations.
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