Level 77 - achievable on Inferno (Ranger) but... Air Raider?

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2 years ago#11
they came to me :)
a big THANK YOU to you! I just completed the level usimg your tips. Your message coincided with me getting a decent railgun (was using a lvl40 before so too weak). stayed up top... used the mountain left of the road for shooting the brain & the one red panel. to clear the skies.

once again thank you!!!

right it is 1.30am. Time for bed lol
2 years ago#12
............obviously everything must die for you to win, but you can save the Bearers for last. As I said, you'll stay up top almost the whole mission. The Fliers will rarely attack unless provoked. Use that time to kill everything else. Shoot the big Deroy first with your Railgun, that is the biggest threat on the map. Then kill the Hectors and small Deroy in the pit, they will damage you a lot too if you let them walk to the cliff. If they get to the cliff face you are up on, they can shoot through the ground. So, focus on Deroys first, then Hectors, then Fliers.

This is a farming mission for most people on Inferno due to the ease of beating it, and the high level of weapons it will drop, you just need a sound strategy, and the AR can do it all by himself.
2 years ago#13
Still haven't found any good ZEXR gun turrets. My playing style relies on them!!!
2 years ago#14

Did you solo 40 (Waterside Bugs) and 56 (Bug Invasion) and if so WHAT? and also how much armor do you have?

Also I don't know how you'll do the final level.
2 years ago#15
Waterside bugs can be done with your best Railgun and either two turrets, or one turret and a Wiregun (whatever your best is). When the mission stars drop your Railgun, and hide under a building overhang (right near the start). Once it drops head to the far left Bee spawn, drive right at the lip and your tank will drop down below. The Bees will be preoccupied with the soldiers, so you have a few minutes. You should be able to kill Two Spawns. Drop another tank right before or after your 3rd spawn, you should have enough points. When you get overwhelmed, drops some Turrets. Definitely save your turrets, youll need them in a pinch. Just continue on, it is doable, it just takes good timing and good rolling/reloading.

One other strategy is to drop all Zexr guns on top of your tank and make a trench run as fast as you can, that has worked as well.
2 years ago#16
oh so that is the waterside level I've heard people mention (I never checked it when I logged on). I can understand now why people would say AR & Ranger would have trouble.
I've not done it yet beyond Hard. my instinct would be railgun & turrets with wiregun for release from ants.
I think I will be needing more than mm 6000hp for my AR when tackling it solo.
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