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Saturday July 25th, DLC2 M16 Inferno farming? (Archived)TogakureNinja17/23 10:49PM
EDF 4.1 US release confirmed for Fall 2015! (Archived)RycerX16/6 12:03PM
Health gaining issues... (Archived)SolstaceWinters95/26 11:29PM
I can't get the weapons I want. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
N7_Banshee_Bait314/9 7:19PM
Final stage, Wing Diver (Archived)tom76b14/2 6:00AM
Isn't 4.1 a PS4 exclusive? (Archived)DugFreez23/29 4:07PM
Has there been any news with regards to new weapons in EDF 4.1 (Archived)BiggyDX13/28 10:42PM
Can anyone translate this? (Archived)Dak_Darklighter63/26 12:54PM
New EDF 4.1 vid - new features in the game!!! (Archived)tom76b23/26 3:08AM
Is the Air Raider vehicle slot become next to useless for underground missions? (Archived)InfestedAdam43/25 9:33AM
Getting Back in to EDF (Archived)OKRecords113813/23 12:51PM
Fired it back up for fun and my gf said... (Archived)tom76b33/22 10:49PM
Despite 900 hours and beating it solo on inferno... (Archived)tom76b103/22 3:43AM
Earth Defense Force Fan-art! (Archived)Bert_HM103/4 3:45AM
3 Missions Left - Help a Veteran Out! (Archived)Dak_Darklighter83/1 6:13PM
Is the basic free DLC for each class any good? (Archived)Assassin_X_Geth92/7 9:56AM
Wanna see something crazy? (Archived)Bert_HM22/2 8:33PM
Sooo... I have like a billion armor points. O.o (Archived)Assassin_X_Geth21/18 3:52PM
Help Finishing Inferno (Archived)masonprewett81/16 9:31AM
EDF 4.1 - New mechanized spider walker vehicle! (Archived)RycerX112/29 5:06PM
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