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3 years ago#101
I'm so waiting for ordering EDF 2025 because I know it's going to be a lot of fun but MAN the urge to import it is very strong. I must be resolute!
3 years ago#102
Amazing update! at last a release windows (at least the japanese one) and a LOT of new images. Updated the wikipedia page accordingly. And added the official japanese cover:
Xbox 360:
3 years ago#103
I almost hope that's NOT the final cover, as I'd think they'd go for something a bit more... hmmmm... action-oriented. That's still a great image, though.

Hmmm. Not counting the 12% Amazon discount: 6,980.00 JPY = 74.6484 USD, so I think this will run about $75 new in Japan (more or less). Now to wait for Play-Asia to list this and check the price difference. If the Asian version ships out at the same time, I'll probably buy that one to save money. We shall see...

Wait, the 360 version is cheaper post Amazon discount? Weird. No, wait... NOT weird, as the 360 is kind of not doing as well as the PS3 in Japan. The normal retail is the same as the PS3 version, but I guess the games there get knocked down to be cheaper.

And wait... (counts again...) FOUR motherships? Holy crap. It's SO on if that's the case!
"It's just a jump to the left..."
3 years ago#104
Actually, i like the cover :) it have an ID4 vibe or something. And yep, i noticed the multiple motherships too. Again with the ID4 reference, they could be coming from a supermothership hahaha. Obviously, i guess the US version will have a more direct approach to it, showing ants, soldiers, explosions and the like.
3 years ago#105
Oh, I don't dislike the image - I just thought we'd see the same manga/anime art style found on the import EDF 3 or EDF 3 Portable.

But it's definitely striking, as I can only think of a handful of game covers that use planets as a major focus and no characters from the game to sell it (Seventh Cross on the Dreamcast is the first that came to mind). If anything, I half expect art from the manual to turn up in the US as a cover if it's something D3Publisher's PR folks like.

But I hope it's reversible to this image if the game gets a physical release here (FINGERS CROSSED!)...

ID4 was cool, but I was thinking more like four Death Stars. Full of bugs and robots. Eeek.
"It's just a jump to the left..."
3 years ago#106
I can agree with the notion of wanting the "comic art". Especially since we have at least one new character in the mix, and I was hoping to see them rendered in that artstyle.

But ah well. I'm waiting to see who will be more worthy of my import order between PA, CDJapan and Amiami.
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