EDF for PS4 announced!

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Awesome news.
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This is great news, Works out nicely for me as I'll be delaying buying the ps4 a few months so I can get my new pc first.
#4RottenrockerPosted 9/15/2013 11:39:41 AM
What kind of madness will Sandlot unleash on a next-gen system for EDF5? I can't wait!
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Rottenrocker posted...
What kind of madness will Sandlot unleash on a next-gen system for EDF5? I can't wait!

Heh, as long as it's a stable 30fps even in co-op and online play (I won't even pretend 60 is an option with all the chaos in an EDF game), I'll be happy. I'm gathering a new proprietary engine will rear its head in that game and as long as they take their time and make something they're proud of, it'll be a killer game for fans of this series.
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I need to play 2025 before I know whether to get excited about a next version entry into the franchise...
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Get excited, get very excited.
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One thing I'd like to see them add is nighttime levels. Make use of the dynamic lighting that's being touted on the new consoles and toss in insects such as fireflies. Running down dark alleys/streets with only the intermittent eerie greenish yellow glow of their hind quarter lighting the surroundings/letting you know where they are, and at the same time casting foreboding shadows would certainly add to the mood.
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Great. But I still assume it will be on 360 and PS3 too right?
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Toho2 posted...
Great. But I still assume it will be on 360 and PS3 too right?

It's too early to say, as the game is not even far enough into development. I asked this at D3PoA's holiday showcase two days ago, but they didn't know because it's too early with the announcement coming with no sort of information other than there will be a PS4 entry in the series.

Personally, I hope NOT. Why? Sandlot NEEDS to get accustomed to the new console hardware and I'd rather see a new game that shows off a rock-solid frame rate AND a new engine that can do everything they want to as well as pleasing new players who expect a game running on a more powerful system to at least be stable all the time.

I'm gathering development will take some time (maybe two years if think realistically and Sandlot wanting to not reuse assets), so let's not OVER speculate on what else if any platform it's going to be on.

Of course, I have to close with some speculation. That Siliconera story makes no mention of the Xbox One, so it looks as if Sandlot is coming "home" with the series (which is a cool thing unless you only own Microsoft consoles)...
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