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3 years ago#1
Does anyone have any? I have over 9800 armor for the Ranger, and the Lysander Z. I can get through the first phase with minimal trouble by using the over pass as cover to destroy all of the lasers overhead and both of the spawn points near me. Afterward, I'd come out of cover, destroy both of the other spawn points in the distance, and get my health back to full.

I counted my shots. It takes 25 hits on the brain to get to the second phase, so I'd shoot it 24 times, reload both of my Lysander Zs, and then start firing like a maniac - one shot, switch, fire, switch, fire, etc, until the ships fall to block. I'd immediately destroy the first weak point near the overpass with as many remaining bullets that I had left. It takes six Lysander Z shots to destroy a weak point, so I'd kill the one nearest the overpass. I'd reload as quickly as possible, and as the ships connected to the weak point were falling, I'd begin firing through them (since they don't block your shots while dying).

Now the problem is, I'd do more than 20 shots worth of damage, possibly 25 or so, and run in a counterclockwise arc to keep up with the surrounding ships in the sky so I could keep site of the brain. But... all of the ships above have those superb tracking purple lasers that stick to you when you're out in the open, as well as explosives that hit you even when the overpass is blocking everything else. Those explosive shots do 500 damage per hit, so hiding doesn't do much good. The purple tracking laser is a constant drain when they're hitting you, as well as making it really hard to see what you're shooting at.

I tried, repeatedly, to brute force it, ignoring the hits, and only focusing on shooting the brain, but I would always go down before phase two would end. I know that phase three wouldn't be nearly so bad, as I've done it on Hardest, and it's much easier than phase two, because you can use the overpass again as cover, and shoot the dragons that come at you while taking potshots at the circling ships overhead.

What is the best way to get through phase two without farming for a ton more armor? I'm tired, and just honestly ready to be finished with the damn game. If there isn't a solid strategy, then having beaten every stage but 85 on Inferno is something that I can live with. Thanks for any strategy.

Edit: obviously this is on Inferno.
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Carry Tori Amos
3 years ago#2
All right, so two days later and I'm still holding out hope for an answer, though at this point I'm not expecting one.

I tried again this morning, testing something new. I destroyed all that was attacking me, counted off 24 shots on the brain, and then reloaded. After the 25th hit, I waited for the first weak point, killed it fast, and then tried running towards the brain, in the hope that the explosives and purple tracking lasers wouldn't attack if I got too close.

Well, that didn't work out either. I was blinded by the purple lasers as well as rag dolled all over before I quit to the menu.

This stage is seriously unfair, and if anybody has a good tactic, safe spot, or even something cheap that just works, I'd be glad to hear it...
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Carry Tori Amos
3 years ago#3
At this point, I know that nobody is interested, but it doesn't matter. I did it this morning with the Ranger. I'm going to share my tactics from multiple attempts and tests. =)

Starting from phase two (because one is easy), I hit the brain with the 25th Lysander Z bullet, and then immediately reloaded as the ships disappear from the sky and the next set falls, so I could have two full Lysander Zs. I learned from testing on Easy that shooting the brain before the ships drop from the sky doesn't do any damage. I shot the brain repeatedly and nothing happened, the ships dropped into place, and then I had to destroy weak points to expose the brain again before I could stop phase two. I also searched for more weak points rather than the one to the left of the underpass. There's another further down the street to the right (when facing the brain).

As phase two started, I stood to the far right from the underpass (heading towards the buildings under construction, but staying in the outer perimeter of the buildings) and shot the weak point as it fell from the sky. After six shots, it blew up, and then I immediately faced left and blew up the weak point that was above and beside me. I ran close to the buildings and reloaded both Lysander Zs, using the buildings to block the purple tracking lasers. The explosive blasts will destroy them, but I used them and just kept running right as the buildings fell. Eventually I hit the far right edge, near the elevated train tracks, so I stayed in the open, faced the brain, ran right parallel to the tracks, and kept shooting the brain while I was lasered. It took about 25 Lysander Z shots give or take to end phase two.

Phase three was as easy as I thought. I immediately ran back and hid under the overpass, which is indestructible. I was low on health, with about 3000 or so, but my scaly green dragon buddies were willing to drop health kits for me, so I quickly got most of my health back as I stood underneath, taking potshots at the purple ships circling the sky. I was relatively safe from the arcing lightning, and like I said, I had most of my health back anyway. Took out a bunch of the purple ships, then focused on the brain, and it was done.

Admittedly, 9800 armor for the Ranger wasn't enough, so my goal was to farm up to 15,000 armor before attempting again, but I didn't sleep well last night, didn't want to farm today, and just decided to test my strategy. It worked, and now I can happily say I'm finished with EDF2025. I have no desire to finish every single stage with every class - I just wanted to finish every stage on Inferno, so I used every class that worked well in different stages.

My final armor count was about 12,600+. Time consuming, but worth it. If anyone bothers to read, I hope this helps out. =)
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Carry Tori Amos
3 years ago#4
Now try the final mission on Mission Pack 3. :)
It's the same as this one, but the ceiling that lowers containing all the guns and such is so low that you can't get atop a lot of the buildings. It's very claustrophobic.
3 years ago#5
^^ I can imagine. I stayed ground level with the Ranger though, so I was okay. As far as the mission packs, I'd love to, but I don't have a Japanese PSN. 85 stages was a bit much though, and I'm done with the game for now...
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Carry Tori Amos
3 years ago#6
Been away for ages buried in a few projects, but glad you made it through, M. I made the "mistake" of playing the game with Pale Wing first all the way through, so I was majorly spoiled when I had to use the other characters. The game is much harder with the Ranger, but worse with the Air Raider until you get some awesome drops from farming. I saved Mr. Bulky for last and wasn't disappointed other than with some of the weapons that force you to get a wee bit too close to some enemies, but overall I'd say this one's going to make a lot of people happy when it hits NA in a few months. It's also going to frustrate many, but hey - such is an EDF experience!
"It's just a jump to the left..."
3 years ago#7
^^ Definitely a modern hardcore gaming experience. No cutscenes, no hand holding, just straight up you versus them. You died? Oh well, try again.

Mission 85 was far and away the hardest of all the ones that I played on Inferno, because there was really no tactic other than pure fighting, and the enemy being strong enough to take your hits didn't make it any easier. Having to use the buildings to block those damn purple lasers was a tactical decision that I'm glad worked out. Yeah, they can get destroyed, but that's why it was important to keep moving.

Once I play tested shooting the brain before the ships dropped and after the ships dropped, I figured I could pull it off. The decision to hide by the buildings whilst reloading was made the morning that I finished Inferno. There was no way to escape the purple tracking lasers - no way, so I figured I'd use the buildings as cover until an explosive destroyed them, and then move on to the next building. That was what finally got me through phase two, although I still lost a ton of health overall.

Phase three was like a joke - so easy in comparison, especially since dragons love to drop health kits and hiding under the overpass is so safe.

I have no desire to play again so soon after finishing, but I don't know how on earth I'd finish 85 Inferno with the other classes. Pale Wing's weapons aren't as long range outright powerful as the Lysander Z, the Air Raider would be more dependent on vehicles to do enough damage to the weak points, and the Fencer? So slow, even though I have an NCS class cannon that does 6000 per hit.

Maybe in the future, but for now? A nice break. Dragon's Crown (which I put off to play EDF for months), or something easy like Skyrim. =)
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Carry Tori Amos
3 years ago#8
The Wing Diver has the Gungnir (lv 92), which has a range of 3600 and hits for 150,000. The catch is it uses 720% of your energy, which means 8 cycles before you're good to go again (this includes flying), so you need to make sure you hit.

The Air Raider is the one I'm weary of going up against Inferno 85 with.

How many hours did you rack up on the play clock?
3 years ago#9
I didn't know that weapons went above level 90. 90 is the highest I've obtained, although I don't have any of the DLC.

That Wing Diver weapon almost sounds like a Pesticide weapon from EDF:IA, but holy hell, the recharge on it would be outrageous.

I can't remember what my play clock was at when I finished what I was doing, but a significant amount of my time was spent in mission 84 Easy, farming health from a UFO, while I watched most of my House MD all season box set on my computer (which is a few feet from the TV). It was enough time spent to get the Ranger to 9800 (then 12,600+), Wing Diver 5400, Air Raider high 9700, and Fencer mid 13,000.

Been playing Dragon's Crown since I finished, and it's late, so I'll post my time spent next time I turn on the PS3 and put the game in.

Edit - since I have two PS3 controllers and I used two of the same class while armor farming, it's probably less time than would be expected.
Your name is sung and tattooed now on my heart - here I will carry you forever
Carry Tori Amos
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