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3 years ago#1
I know a few people prolly imported this so I guess I was just hoping for some advice on which are the best classes to pursue so when it comes out I'll be able to make an informed decision. I guess could you put the advantages and disadvantages of each. I'm also more interested in the classes in the long run (after you've played for awhile and unlocked a bunch of stuff) than I am their beginning-game loadout.

In other words, if later in the game one class becomes super-powerful, I'd like to know 'bout it. Some examples that come to mind is if you get equipment that makes the mech guy more mobile towards the end or if the EDF soldier gets some sort of super armor to make up for the fact that he's got kinda' low def to start - Stuff like that. Commenting on how devestating the top-teir weaponry is would be appreciated too...
3 years ago#2
Short and sweet would be:

Wing Diver - Fast paced. Has the ability to fly, which allows her to both get in and out of dangerous situations quickly, as well as makes farming a lot faster. A con with her is that she gains armor at a very slow rate compared to the other 3 classes. This will be a strike against her if you're a completist and enjoy single player, as it will take considerable time to reach an HP level at which you can survive some of the more difficult missions on Inferno difficulty. Also, since many of her weapons feed off the same energy meter that her flight ability does, it may take a few missions to learn to balance their use appropriately, and even then, in tense situations you may find yourself out of power, forcing you to walk empty handed as you're surrounded by swarms of enemies while waiting for your meter to replenish.

Ranger - Well rounded. If you've played an EDF game, you know what you're getting.

Air Raider - For the more strategic player. As I've said in other posts, this class serves as more of a magic caster. He can do the job, but it'll take more planning and caution, whereas he shines in the role of support when he has a team to bolster. A con for him would be that many of his offensive selections are only available in team combat, limiting his choices for single player, and that detonating his Limpet charges are and all or nothing situation (as soon as you detonate, the gun needs recharging, be it one charge, or the full clip). A large pro would be his ability to call in vehicles. These are great for mobility, extra firepower or even just staying alive that much longer as each vehicle comes with its own armor rating.

Fencer - Without using his dash the Fencer is the slowest of the classes, but due to this his armor improves at the fastest pace and his weaponry is designed to be more powerful than most. He works well as a partner for the Air Raider and his Guidance System selections.
3 years ago#3
Do all the classes have the same armor/life cap? It just takes some longer to reach it?
3 years ago#4
They gain permanent armor/health at different rates.

Ranger .47
Wing Diver .23
Air Raider .46
Fencer .58

So, whereas you'd need roughly 5 Armor pickups to gain one permanent point of armor for the Wing Diver, you'd need only two for the fencer.

They also start with different amounts when you begin a new game

Ranger 200
Wing Diver 150
Air Raider 200
Fencer 250

As for a cap, I'm not sure if there is one. I've seen players with over 10,000 online.
3 years ago#5
Cool - Endless progression is good.

Could you elaborate on what kinda' weapons they end up with at higher levels?
3 years ago#6
Top tier weapons are usually just stat buffs of the lower level ones, not super unique things. There are different series of weapons within a type, like Ranger snipers have the MMF, Five Card, Stringer, Lysander, and a single shot (yes one ammo and no reloads) energy rifle (Nova Buster I think). Each have consistent properties to their series.

So the Lysander Z is the best Lysander: 5500 damage, 0.3 shots/sec, 10 ammo, 6 sec reload. Pretty much no reason to ever use a lower level one in offline play. I like mixing the top MMF, I think Hercule(s) is the translation (s isn't in the name though): 2000 damage, 1 shot/sec, 12 ammo, 3 sec reload. Ranges are almost identical and Lysander has higher zoom. I take Lysander for large target rich maps and the Hercules for ones with large numbers of smaller enemies, like flyers.

Ranger assaults rifles are some of the best dps weapons he has, the non-reloading Fusion Blasters have redonk levels of damage. The catch is that they empty fully once you pull the trigger, unless you swap weapons. I've seen them used with great success. AF-100 is still boss.

Ranger missiles are pretty lackluster, though the single target Fork is solid. You can use them well up into Hard, but they are iffy on Inferno. They ruined the Prominence, early it's a high damage single target missile with a reasonable lock-on timer. The 15K damage one has a 21 sec lock-on timer, very bad for solo. I guess this would be better if the Air Raider was spotting for you, as they speed up the timer with their marker and beacons. Rockets are a bit underwhelming once you get going, though I like one of the Volcanos, it fires like the Cascade but empties the whole clip.

His shotguns are solid but I never liked them much. On paper some can beat the AF-100 for dps, but you aren't likely to hit with all of the pellets on a Governor-100 with D accuracy. His grenades are another set not often used by me. The launchers are more usable, Stampede XM is still in, and the napalm ones are solid when used in tunnels as traps. Just try not to coat an ant or spider, flaming corpses can be tossed back at you.

The Range is the only class besides the Air Raider to have healing "weapons". His super soaker of life packs 67K of healing after the patch was issued. It doesn't reload but it doesn't need to with that much healing.

There are still more weapons: boundguns, acid guns, flame throwers, and firecracker grenades that are almost identical to 2017. So I'm not really going to get to them.

Overall I think the assault rifles and snipers are the Rangers best weapon sets, everything else has it's uses if you really want to tweak your loadout for each mission. Otherwise AF-100 and Lysander-Z are good to go.

Oh one thing I mentioned earlier weapon level and offline play. There is no limit, you find it, you can use it. Online is different, each difficulty sets a weapon level limit and armor total for a class on a given stage. So you can't farm solo and then blast through Normal online. You will still have an advantage since you'll likely hit the armor cap and have better weapons just at the limit. Inferno mostly does away with the caps, especially by the end stages. I think if you clear all stages online on Inferno you can create lobbies that do not have the caps in place. I've not done that or ever been in a lobby that didn't have caps so take it at rumor.

If I get the chance I may take cracks at the other classes throughout the week.

Herzon Hree'Sith
3 years ago#7
Does it not have the same thing as 2017 Portable when you clear 70% of the game the caps are removed if you are the creator of the game? Sure, that's quite a ways in, but it certainly helps.

I can wait 4 weeks. I can!

3 years ago#8
I want to play as the Fencer because he looks badass. The only thing I hear about him is that he's so slllllloooooowee. To the point where it's almost impractical to use him at times.
3 years ago#9
hkfourtyseven posted...
I want to play as the Fencer because he looks badass. The only thing I hear about him is that he's so slllllloooooowee. To the point where it's almost impractical to use him at times.

Doesn't he have some sort of booster for movement to make him more viable? I swear I read that somewhere.

3 years ago#10
chethecat posted...
hkfourtyseven posted...
I want to play as the Fencer because he looks badass. The only thing I hear about him is that he's so slllllloooooowee. To the point where it's almost impractical to use him at times.

Doesn't he have some sort of booster for movement to make him more viable? I swear I read that somewhere.

Game-changing elements like this was what I was curious about and kinda' hopin' for. I'd rather not be entirely immobile, especially in a game where the other play might be all the way across the map and I might need to go revive him/her...

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