My new favorite Air Raider strategy

#1sneakysnakePosted 4/6/2014 3:03:58 PM(edited)
1. Summon 25000 hp tank.
2. Aggro all the enemies and get surrounded.
3. Drop 2 Gigantic Howlitzer markers at your feet, and preferably another tank drop marker.
4. Get back in tank and dodge attacks.
5. Enjoy the fireworks.
6. Take no damage (tank will be lost), and now you have enough points to do it all over again. Plus a new tank will have dropped after the explosions if you dropped one earlier.
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#2Toho2Posted 4/6/2014 6:52:15 PM
Will have to test this out. Love some artillery strikes!
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#3330566Posted 4/7/2014 12:02:22 AM
BMX Proteus duels.
Set 10 paces apart
A person per cannon
Fastest fingers win
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