The reason why Wing Divers can't drive is because

#1sneakysnakePosted 4/20/2014 1:04:53 AM
they aren't trained to pilot military vehicles.
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Booster rockets man!
Storm 1 was Master Chief before Master Chief was cool. Storm 1 IS the original Master Chief!
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Hey i think i played with you yesterday. How did you get all the inferno trophies while being at 9% only. Do alot of people hack and mod this game? I hope you didnt but it seems so with your timestamp. I need some partners to play with. Getting bored from the multipliers. Want to play this week? Im at 23% completion rate.
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I played splitscreen coop with my brother. Not nearly as legit as 100% online but legit nonetheless.
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I'd like to help but after playing this game for 2 months and finally getting the Platinum, I'm ready to move on. The online issues and trolls/bullies within the community aren't really worth it either.
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It's rather sad how hard you're trying to get back at me. I'm busy enough completing a graduate degree and a huge backlog of games to pander to the meanderings of an egomaniac.