Air raider needs help--where to get ZEXR guns and really good wire shot?

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2 years ago#1
Hello all,

I've been playing through this game with 2 friends--a wing diver and a fencer. We went through hard and have jumped almost straight to inferno. I also play ranger a bit, but my AR is my main with 1500 armor. However, especially with our fencer finding out about dash cancelling, I have found my air raider to be more dead weight than helpful. However, I did just get the level 80 Proteus which is a game-changer. :]

Anyways, I've been fond of wire shots since I encountered them. And as a 2017'er, I'd love to find me a ZEXR gun!!! Or anything better than the ZERA gun. I do have the C70 bombs which are awesome, so save your recommendation on those. :]

My friends and I have run crimson (mission 27 I think) several times, but my gear has not improved much. My best wire shot is the 12W... I have the rapid fire one but it doesn't seem as good...? With my ranger, we were also able to tackle a couple later missions such as death queen on inferno.

Does anybody have advice for me with my air raider though?
2 years ago#2
A somewhat easy place to farm is stage 77, just ignore the brain and kill everything else. Rangers have an easy time there if you have a good sniper rifle.

The wire gun are best used to airborne enemies, the do well with ground units but you can use vehicles in those sitautions.
2 years ago#3
Yeah, Fallen Flagship is one of your best bets for farming weapons on Inferno. An Air Raider can do very well on that one, too, with a good Railgun (especially with the raised hill around the hole helping with elevation (down & up - just be careful not to fall in). Borderline helps a lot against the drones at the beginning, but it's not essential, since there's not as many of them.
If you play online, Battle to the Death (88?) is the best farming level, provided you get the right team. A Borderline is absolutely essential to that one, and you need to be sure to always call for a new Railgun as soon as it's available.
If you have the DLC, Pack 2 Mission 16 is the absolute best farming level there is. AR will have trouble there, but a WD can tear through it, leaving the weapon crates for the AR to pick up (offline, anyway).
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2 years ago#4
battle to the death is good too if you do splitscreen, tough it needs more work than stage 77.
2 years ago#5
Thanks for the advice everyone. Are the railguns so useful? I've found I just usually use the Proteus or a helicopter (the brute tears through high health enemies with 2 people). Anyways we actually have been trying fallen flagship for days... But our firepower just isn't good enough... I mean my friend's fencer has the 100k guide-beacon needing gun but the flyers often overwhelm us sadly. Maybe we just don't have the armor. He has 2000 WD friend has 800 and I have 1500 on air raider. I'll try that vehicle.
Also what is a borderline? Are you talking about the edge of the level?
2 years ago#6
borderline is a barrier, you put one slightly infront of the other so that there a tiniy gap where you can take cover from enemy fire, mostly flying ships.

Also railguns are extremely powerful, specially if you stick a power post on it. the final one has enough power to take big dropships in about 2-3 hits. It also has a laser sight so its a little easier to aim than with other tanks.

For fallen flagship a ranger with a lysander is kinda needed for the ships (at least a lysander F if you wanna do inferno)
Basically the ranger does all the work.
2 years ago#7
Okay thanks. I do enjoy the barriers. From death queen inferno I just got double anti air ones that each have 30k health.

I'll try out the railguns more!!!
2 years ago#8
There's a mid-range railgun that fires a burst of 4 shots. That's the only one that's not really worthwhile (except at very close range). Many of the railguns (all but the first 2 or 3 & the burst one) will pierce - meaning it will shoot right through one enemy & hit whatever is behind it, too.
The only problem with Proteus is mobility, and whether people will actually get in it. If you're surrounded by bugs, they'll tear through Proteus' armor pretty quick. Also it's reload cost. You can't drop one right at the beginning of a mission, and you may not build up enough credits to call a second one.
Brutes are great, if you've got people that will actually get in it. People usually ignore me when I ask them to get in.
Protecting the green Earth, if even for a single flower.
2 years ago#9
Yeah my friends are usually cooperative with the vehicle thing. And I have an 80-something railgun from death queen inferno and we used it to beat the giant walking guy (mission 88 online!). I did this with my wing diver friend. I shiftily used anti air barriers to form a semi circle. As if you pushed together these symbols )( lol. Still, my ranger can't tackle that. He only has a Lysander 2... And death queen inferno has only given him grenades and stuff... Not assault rifles, shotguns, or snipers. None over level 50...
But thanks for the help again!
2 years ago#10
All railguns pierce.

Instead of the proteus you can always try the blue or green vegalta mechs.
Personally I prefer the green because its the fastest, the dual flamethrowers hit multiple enemies and have big range+decent damage, and the shoulder cannons are like ranged shotguns with really good damage, plus the canon bullets pierce.

The red ones usually have powerful guns but they are so slow they are practically semi-movable turrets, even the final one (higher level mechs also have better speed)

For helicopters I would pick the nereid just because you can call them from the start, but the others are cool, specially that one that drops misiles almost directly downwards.
A good tactic If you really like being on a helicopter is to bring air raids that have smoke signals (not laser guided), get out of the chopper mid-air, tap the shoot button to release the signal grenade then get inside the chopper again. It can all be done while in the air and its not even that hard. You can do that with other weapons but I havent experimented that much outside of doing it with air raids just because they reload by killing stuff while for other weapons you would need to spam the button to get in/out to reload.

BTW if you ever want to farm the stage "battle to the death", take this into account:

-need a air raider with best railgun, 1.5 power post gun and borderline if you are not splitscreening with a wing diver (if you are then make sure the wing diver ahs fenrir 3way and you have power post and best plasma stream gun so you can shoot all the buff at the chick from the start and she can easiliy take care of the ships)

-dont recruit the soldiers, let them run right in front of the giant robot and distract him.

-dont attack the robot until all ships are dead. The dropships wont star to drop enemies until the giant robot has takes some damage.

-finally, leave the dropship that spawns blue hector for the actual farming. with the best railgun with a power post you can kill them in one hit offline, and they always drop 3 items.
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