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Just about 5 or 6 missions (Archived)chethecat111/19 9:52AM
Mecha and Kaijus are coming!!! (Archived)Jackal910/24 2:26PM
PAL vs NTSC? (Archived)Andrew Shinn110/23 11:46PM
This game Vs The Vita EDF (Archived)OdioTotale410/9 1:37AM
Weapons FAQ is up (notice for our PS3 EDF brethren in arms) (Archived)RycerX110/1 4:42PM
Can you get the Idunn FF on hardest or does it need to be ineferno? (Archived)indica210/1 3:28AM
SDL Bike control (Archived)Kateno39/30 2:15PM
Are there certain missions that are only online? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
indica179/30 10:45AM
Need Rule of God but no luck yet :( Help! (Archived)M13NL99/30 10:21AM
New Trailer shows Kaiju/Mecha battle in EDF 4.1 (Archived)slayer45619/25 7:10PM
Earth Defense Forces 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
A_Nonny_Moose129/19 3:45AM
What 2025 did wrong (Archived)Toho2109/14 7:08AM
EDF 2017: Stampede XM (Archived)Toho219/12 7:27PM
Online mission playthrough room (Archived)Toho219/12 10:26AM
Finally finished Inferno on Ranger. The brain is my BIYAACH now. (Archived)gokuKOG19/4 1:10PM
Looking for the best Grenade Launcher?! (Archived)JoeandJen69/3 1:52PM
This game supports the PS3s Custom Mp3 Soundtrack Feature (Archived)Rockstarwars89/3 5:34AM
I was farming on hard and hardest, and I swear I got better weapons on hard (Archived)indica39/2 3:58AM
Your favorite class? (Archived)indica89/2 12:51AM
In mission 13, do the 3 carriers ever run out of ants? (Archived)indica29/1 8:22AM
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