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Usefulness of weapon classes at certain difficulties? (Archived)FaxModem200043/10/2014
Wing Ranger - Monster (sniper) - rapid-fire... (Archived)MashYouGood93/10/2014
What are the enemy health multipliers when playing online? (Archived)
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Why are the vehicles so terrible and broken... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Starship Troopers (Movies) makes me appreciate this game on a different level. (Archived)ZaruenKosai73/9/2014
How do I unlock missions online? (Archived)saiyansonic63/9/2014
Anyone here play 2017 for xbox? (Archived)TheGuyFromDOOM103/9/2014
Does beating all missions online on a certain difficulty also grant trophies? (Archived)
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Community Challenges & Versus Mode Games (Archived)sneakysnake23/9/2014
EDF Songs (Archived)
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Air Raider Anti-Air? (Archived)innateight63/8/2014
This game ruined the MLRA, and active lockon is BS. (Archived)
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DLC 2 Mission 16 Inferno all weapons available? (Archived)FaxModem200063/8/2014
Ghost Chaser broken? (Archived)Megladar33/8/2014
Wing Diver: Farming lv.90+ weapons OFFLINE (Archived)oORyuumaruOo73/8/2014
Anyone Else think the "Brute" helicopter seems comparatively underpowered? (Archived)Sairos33/7/2014
Mission 33 tip (Archived)Toho213/7/2014
Question about the Air Raider's Guard Post (Archived)yukoncornel23/7/2014
Weapons list (excel) (Archived)
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what setup do you all use for the dash cancel (Archived)Lord_kasdeya73/7/2014
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