Warrior Skills/builds?

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3 years ago#1
Any help please.
3 years ago#2
-Skills: Eh, not really a lot of useful skills for warrior. You'll find that your most effective means of attack are your jump attacks. They have high damage output and execute quickly.

-Build: If you plan on playing nothing but warrior, there's no real need to switch vocations for leveling purposes. Warriors have great HP, decent defense and an attack stat bested only by the assassin vocation. They have pretty low stamina, but warriors are probably the least stamina reliant vocation. For varieties sake though, I advise switching to assassin every now and then. You get even better strength allocation and you do get a good stamina boost, which will give you more sprinting time if nothing else.
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3 years ago#3
Corona Slash is a nice skill, so is Arc of Deliverance for bosses.

The third is up to you, I like Exodus Slash because it combos into an uppercut that'll launch most foes upwards (and even stagger Dragons and Chimera), then you can cancel the automatic downwards smash into a jump attack to juggle them.

Don't overlook the warrior's X pause X X X chain either, it sweeps wide and can juggle opponents, not to mention it's -much- faster than the X X X chain.
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