Just beat Grigori, new to DD:DA need help/advice

#1getm0neyPosted 4/30/2013 6:28:09 AM
Im on the everfall quest line now where I have to find 20 wakestones, currently I am a level 34 warrior. I was wondering whens a good time to approach the dark arisen stuff or should I complete this questline first. How do the dungeons work, do they reset after a couple days? How should I approach all of this? thanks in advance!
#2glenn3ePosted 4/30/2013 6:31:40 AM
34 is too low for DA. I'd recommend around 80+ at least. Completing Everfall 20 wakestones quest will end the game, but you can bring things over to NG+ to level somemore.
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#3Zero0ReaperPosted 4/30/2013 8:02:02 AM
I agree. DA is brutal you want to make sure you level up. Also make sure you have the grigoriweapon dragonforged since now they are the strongest post bitterback. The first run through bitterback is not to bad but the 2nd run its monsters are MASSIVELY different.
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#4DemonicDragonXPosted 4/30/2013 8:34:33 AM
Play around in the Everfall some more, grind for gear and wakestones. I'd get about 50 before finishing the end of it. Once you around level 50, you could give BBI a shot, but it will be rough going. I was around level 80 when I finally beat Grigori the very first time. I did alot of goofing off and exploring, and I mean -alot-.

I just didn't want the game to end. I was happy to find out Grigori wasn't the final boss.
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