Do the Badge of Vows that you get on From A Different Sky do anything?

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Also where do you get Ambrosia Meat, a King Bay Leaf and Idols? They are all for different quests.
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you could check my youtube page for all that information but in case you don't want to, ambrosial meat can be dropped by griffons and found in the quarry! the king bay leaf is found in the witch's woods and idols are obtained from fournivals quest and message board quests
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Ambrosia Meat - kill Griffin, wait to turn sour, swiftly combine with airtight flask

King Bay Leaves - wait until the Witch Hunt quest starts

Headless Icon - in the Catacombs

Gold Icon - Symone

Silver Icon - Cyclops in Frontier Caverns

Bronze Icon - Selene or Dragonforged
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Idol detail:

Bronze Idol: Two available per playthrough. The first is sitting around in the Dragonforged's cave. The second is also sitting around on a shelf/windowsill in Selene's Hut in Witchwood.

Silver Idol: One per playthrough. There's a Notice Board quest in the Pawn Guild called "Put the Eye Out". Take it and complete it for the idol.

Gold Idol: One per playthrough. First, complete the quest "Land of Opportunity", given by Fournival. Wait a day or two, then go back to his house and accept the quest, "Escort Duty". Once you complete it, talk to Symone and she will give it to you... provided you cater to her whims sufficiently. Check youtube for a detailed walkthrough.
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If you do the "From a Different Sky" quests, keep the badges in storage. When you go through NG+ you can dump them all into your pawn's inventory and instantly complete the quests when you pick them up at the notice board, netting a decent bit of experience and RC for almost no effort.
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Ambrosial Meat is also a rare drop off of oxen, and you can use Master Thief as a strider and get it fairly often from passing pawns on the road (unless they changed that in the past year).

King Bay Leaves are really rare, and you can only get them in the tombstone area behind Selene's cottage in Witchwood during/after Witch Hunt quest.