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Level 3 Weapon chests?

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3 years ago#1
Are there any confirmed chests that have a chance of giving level 3 weapons besides the final boss chests?

I have found reliable chests for level 3 Armor, Gear, and Novelty that are easy to farm in the main dungeon but none for level 3 weapons.

Anyone know?
3 years ago#2
Good question man. Which reliable ones did you find for level 3 armor?
and when he crossed the bridge the phantoms came to meet him
3 years ago#3
I have yet to find lv3 weapon/armors -_- I keep finding lv1s at the end of bosses, its getting annoying
3 years ago#4
The level 3 armor chest is at the top of the hanging bridges in the Midnight helix chamber.

It spawns rift crystals and level 3 armor only it seems. The drop rate for the armor is pretty good though I've never had to Godsbane more than half a dozen times to get the armor, nowhere near as bad as the Everfall.

The chamber seems to have two different enemy types a GoreCyclopse which is easy, and a Dragon of some type with the red flying gargoyles - I avoid that one. It seems if there are Goblins in the first hall of Bitterblack than the cyclops is there, but if it's Saurians than you'll get the dragon.

I'm avoiding farming the final boss because I don't want to burn out on the final levels of this game getting weapons.
3 years ago#5
Thanks man, yeah I don't blame you for trying to avoid burn out.
and when he crossed the bridge the phantoms came to meet him
3 years ago#6
What spot have you found for lvl 3 gear? Been trying to get some of my ability rings but the runs Im doing on Daimon get me more weapons and armor than anything.
3 years ago#7
The level 3 gear and novelty chests are side by side just after that courtyard where the two cyclops are chained up and those sorcerers are casting maelstrom (I can't remember the name at the moment). As you are in the hallway leaving to go down there is a passage on your right where you have to climb up through a hole in the floor. There are money bags and two chests.

No one has a weapon chest location? I'm thinking there has to be at least one somewhere.
3 years ago#8

I just got a level 3 gear from the first Arisen sanctuary. The top chest in the outer hallway to the right of the healing spring - the pile of fallen rock across from the riftstone.
3 years ago#9
Shameless bump,

Still hoping someone knows of a main dungeon chest for level 3 weapons?
3 years ago#10
Another lvl 3 armor chest is right b4 you go to fight the final boss. B4 u go up the narrow path where 3 enemies block the path, look for the hay stack and climb over the wall closet to the edge and the chest gives either a perfect rift crystal or lvl 3 armor.
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