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User Info: surest_solution

3 years ago#21
Hiya, your welcome to add me, Eowade is a warrior 54 scather/pioneer. =)
GT:surest solution

User Info: HadesDragoness

3 years ago#22
Servare posted...
HadesDragoness posted...
Feel free to send me a friend request. At the moment my pawn is around lvl 150 and is a warrior :)

I need one of those.

Please tell me they are not "Guardian"

I'm sick and tired of finding Guardian pawn inclinations...

Unfortunately I have changed her to an archer for this playthrough. Next playthrough I will be back to the male/warrior pawn. I like to mix it up for each game :) and I prefer my pawns to go in fighting. Also the level has changed to level 200 now :D Very happy lol
XBOX360 GT: Hades Dragoness
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User Info: PunkinDrublic87

3 years ago#23
DiscoPlumber posted...
Add me if you want, Discogirl's lvl 181 Ranger

I highly recomend this pawn. She was helpful on many playthroughs of the vanilla game. Unfortunately my saves went screwy when I started DA so no one got rc from me returning their pawns :\
The grass is never greener on the other side, I'll sit right here and frolic in the dirt and gravel.

User Info: _Yag_

3 years ago#24
Please TC for your own benefit don't use the pawns of 90% of the people posting here, playing with an over level pawn totally ruins the fun of the game.

Edit: for anyone wanting to hire my pawn just for fun or to use though ^_- my GT is Yag007. shes a lvl 80 i think mage with mainly support abilities. I wanna switch her back to sorc but volant white is too good not to use lol.

but TC don't use her, she'll break your fun.
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User Info: Phaiyte494

3 years ago#25
Feel free to add mine, she's a Lvl 68 Sorcerer. GT Phaiyte494

User Info: Lupin the 4th

Lupin the 4th
3 years ago#26
Anyone who hasn't already, send me a FR. A couple people here have full friend lists or misspellings, so it'll be easier that way.
The Smiling Bandit (Strikes Again! Ha Ha Ha!)
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User Info: jcscrogs

3 years ago#27
I change my pawn periodically, but she seems to be rented more as a mage, so that is what she is at the moment... she is level 69, with Utilitarian/Challenger (until the game changes it on me), she has a great staff, with Grand Anodyne and Holy Pact, and though she has mainly healing spells, she is not a bad fighter either.



User Info: Jalopie

3 years ago#28
Almost 180 warrior
Inclinations of scather/mitigator.

Feel free to send a friend request.
Gamertag: Warat0g <--- its a zero...
PSN: Waratog

User Info: AxelPoe

3 years ago#29
Level 170
[{o}] Hope Never Dies [{o}]
GT: Axel Poe / Companion: Alice Rose
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