Solo fighter-only run - Volgarr's quest continues!

#1ZauronPosted 5/10/2013 11:53:21 AM
Likely none of you remember me from back when the first DD came out, but near its release I argued that it was possible to do a solo run of the game using only a single vocation. I went on to prove it was possible in a series of videos starring the Fighter named Volgarr (after ), eventually besting things like the Metal Golem and offline Ur Dragon that were once thought impossible to do with a solo Fighter.

Volgarr suffered only 1 death, ironically in the very last boss fight from a scripted sequence attack because his pawn, which is the one fight where you are required to have one, didn't do their job right...

Now with the new content in Dark Arisen, I've dusted off my old save file to see if it is possible to continue the run through this new content.

For those interested, here's the entire run playlist:

And here's my first Bitterblack Isle video, picking up right where I left off before with the offline Ur-Dragon fight. Sadly this first one isn't very exciting, the dungeon hasn't thrown much at me yet:

Place your bets now on how many times Volgarr will die before the end of the run, or if this is even possible at all!
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I definitely remember your solo fighter videos. I found them quite entertaining. Looking forward to the new BBI videos.
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Volgarr ROCKS!!!!
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Damiand77 posted...
Volgarr ROCKS!!!!


I've uploaded a few more vids, including (finally) a new boss fight.