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3 years ago#1
Whats the best way to farm these items? Is level 70 to low to farm them, or should I level alittle first? Thanks in advance.
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3 years ago#2
Not sure what you mean by the "best way" but in order to have access to lvl 3 armor and weapons, you will have to at least be on your second BBI run.... or better yet having completed it. Even then they are not the most common of drops by any means.

What I did was to just enter at the 2nd shortcut and progress to Daimon over and over again. At the end of those "mini runs" I would usually have 1 or 2 lvl 3 weapons and 1 or 2 lvl 3 armors.

Is lvl 70, too low to have beaten Daimon's 2nd form, and the tougher monsters of the 2nd BBI run through? It's hard to tell, but generally I would agree that 70 is too low... even with optimal vocation, skills/augments, armor, and stat boosting periapts/potions. But some folks have made it, by reports. Though many of those seem to have taken along lvl 200 pawns to make it easier.
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3 years ago#3
Thanks for the info, not long finished the first run, but read second is a lot harder. I'll try the everfall a bit, maybe try ur dragon, thanks again :)
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3 years ago#4
I finished my first BBI run around level 50-60 (same with all pawn levels, never used any pawn that was a higher level than my arisen) started the second run, yes it was considerably harder due to certain things being changed around, but it adds to the fun of it. On the second+ run you'll be leveling, and collecting 2's fairly quickly to give you the mid way equipment boost. So in a short time you should become used to BBI+ to a point where it's not even a bother any more.

The only thing I'll say beware of are the Garm spawns, easy in the first playthrough, can be a nightmare when starting the second run.
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3 years ago#5
It's kind of time consuming at lower levels, but if you are still on your first run of BBI, you can "Farm" Death in the Bloodless Stockade. It will probably be pretty resource intensive, too, but it works like this and utilizes either the Godsbane blade (if you've defeated Grigori) or the riftstone in the Sparyard of Scant Mercy.

Step one, using whatever tactics available to you, beat as much snot out of Death as you can. (I prefer Ricochet Shot, a ranger/strider/assassin would benefit from blast arrows, no clue what a straight red or blue class would use)

Step two: leave the zone by heading to the Sparyard. This also saves your game and your progress on Death's healthbar, should you get axed (or scythed, as it were.) And there is a riftstone right there if you need/want to retrieve any pawns.

Repeats steps one and two until Death's health bar is low enough that you are figuring he only has one bout left in him.

If you do not have a godsbane blade, or think they are too annoying, or whatever: proceed to step three. Otherwise go to step four.

Step three: If you do not have a Godsbane blade, make a check point save at the riftstone in the Sparyard. (Caution: In order for the check point save to register, the onscreen messages regarding the regular save that you get just for entering the Sparyard has to have completed and gone away. You will know your check point save has registered because you will get the message that your game is saving as you enter the rift, and it will actually say "check point save complete."

Step four: kill Death. Reap the rewards. Possible cursed items include: level 2 armor, level 3 gear, level 3 novelties, level 3 weapons, and level 3 armors.

Step five: If you did not get a level 3 weapon or armor, immediately reload, either by using the Godsbane blade or by hitting the start button, going to "save" and selecting the option for Return to Last Check Point.

Repeat steps four and five until you get what you are looking for.

(You may hit a point where you start to wonder if the time you are spending reloading and looking for loot is worth it, when, if you had kept the XP, you could be a higher level thereby making it easier to kill Death the next time. This is a personal choice, but once I was able to take Death out in around 15 minutes I then allotted myself the next 15 minutes to try to get something good out of it. After 15 minutes, I took whatever I had then started the process over again. I don't know if that is the mathematically correct answer to that question, but it was one that I could at least work with :) Good luck!)
3 years ago#6
oh, if you underestimate yourself and accidentally kill death before you make a check point save, you can also go to the start menu, select save, and choose the option for Quit Without Saving.

It's a pain in the tuckus, and avoiding this step is the exact reason that the Godsbane blade is considered by many to be essential equipment when farming chests/bosses. (There are not many places to farm where there happens to be a convenient riftstone nearby to make a check point save at.)
3 years ago#7
Thanks for all the input, downside is I am on my second bbi play through now, so will have missed out on death. Doing runs to the daimon sounds like its the route to take. Thanks again
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