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User Info: Dimebag69

3 years ago#1
I just re-rolled buy guy after realizing mage has absolutely terrible stat growth. No Biggie. Would anyone be kind enough to have their pawn assist me getting back to where I was?? I love this game but guhh this restarting thing is irking me.

My Gamertag is Steve128

Help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!
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User Info: closetblonde

3 years ago#2
You can use my ranger if you'd like - she's level 200 so can gimp your xp gains but I can equip her with a bezel crown (double xp on kill) if you like.

GT: Closetblonde

User Info: Mick65

3 years ago#3
Send me an FR if you would like a Fighter. He has nearly complete foe knowledge.
GT: cmStone Pawn: Kurgan, level 200 Fighter

User Info: Sassi666

3 years ago#4
you're welcome to use mine, again lvl 200 so will gimp your xp but has almost complete knowledge I also have a lvl 30 warrior for low level if you'd like, my GTs are in my sig if you want to send a FR.
GT Sassi501: Pawn Damocles lvl 200 sorcerer Utilitarian/Challenger/Mitigator
Alt GT Sassi0666: Pawn Leonidas warrior for now 30+

User Info: Dimebag69

3 years ago#5
Awesome, thanks a bunch guys. Been busy with work but I've added each of you. Not too concerned about the XP stifling, because I just want to get back to the point I was and worry about leveling later.

Also I was unaware of the handicap on XP when hiring higher level pawns, so thanks for that tip too! ^_^

Been busy with work and other things, but I just sent out the requests about 4 days after my original post, sorry for that, and thanks again.
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