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3 years ago#1

I am picking this game up again. I have played before until lvl 69 and played a little bit of BBI, but I am thinking of starting new, because I lost track of what equipment to focus on and dont remember most things in my storage. My Arisen is a Ranger and my Pawn is a fighter. It is my one and only play(through).

I have been going through the forum and am thinking of going Assassin or Magic Archer.

My question is about what Pawn would supplement my new Arisen well if I go Assassin and what Pawn would supplement my new Arisen well if I go Magic Archer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
3 years ago#2
For an assassin use your pawn as a mage/sorceror - unless you have enchanted weapons an assassin can't damage certain monsters like wraiths so you need some magic as a backup.

For MA, use your pawn as a Ranger to complement your ranged attacks or if you're squishy use them as a Fighter to draw enemies attention away from you.
3 years ago#3
Assassins have low physical and magical defense, so they rely on attacking when it's safe or attacking from range. For this, a fighter pawn would be helpful. He could keep the enemies at range from you and you could rush in and pick him up when he dies. Assassins also have low magical attack, so they have trouble finishing off living armor. A sorcerer or mage pawn will be good against this particular enemy, or you can switch to a holy enchanted weapon and whittle their life down.

Magic Archers are good at everything. They have high of both kinds of defense and can attack with most elements without changing equipment or using temporary buffs. It takes them a bit longer to kill enemies that don't have an elemental weakness, so you might try bringing a Ranger pawn to add DPS or a fighter pawn for crowd control.
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3 years ago#4
I started as a Mage and then going sorcerer for eventual Magic Archer.

Havent reached the stage for the pawn yet. Because I spent quite some time creating my arisen.

Thinking to make it a strider, ranger. Because I already played as a Ranger with Fighter combo before.

I started on a different Xbox profile. Will I still get the eternal ferrystone that way?
3 years ago#5
I think it is better to switch to hard mode on my current profile. So I get to keep all my stuffs. Just not sure if it is wise on lvl 69 and being a sorcerer and all.
3 years ago#6
This is turning into a journal of stupidity. I started over on hard mode, but ofcourse my character stayed the same level, incl. his build. So that was pointless. Guess I will just play on hard for now and hopefully be strong enough once I reach Everfall and BBI this time around.
3 years ago#7
I did the majority of my levels as a Sorcerer. BBI can be a humbling experience when you're squishy but I made a point of developing a good Fighter Main Pawn to help keep me off the ground. He can double as a sturdy Ranger or third Sorcerer for my MK too.

And you should check out the DD board. Pretty much everyone there is on DA and it's a whole lot more active.
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3 years ago#8
Ranger's get okay Magick growth so your Ranger will still make a fine Magick Archer. You don't have to start over to be effective. Your Fighter pawn will still make an okay Ranger if you switch him.

If you want to start on a new profile, you can still get the Eternal Ferrystone if you create a save on the original DD and then switch to DA. You can also make these two profiles friends and use each others' pawns for free.
Aught ought not have naught for recompense.
3 years ago#9
Ok. I will carry on on hard as a mage for now, until I can switch to sorcerer. That way I can get some points in magic at least. Then I will switch to Magic Archer if I am bored with being a sorcerer.

And my Pawn is now a strider, I will switch it to Ranger once I can.

I do not remember when this can be done the earliest, but I am guessing Grand Soren.
3 years ago#10
At level 10 you can switch to the advanced and hybrid vocations.

You don't have to wait until Gran Soren, just head to the dock in Cassardis at night time and take Olra's offer to go to Bitterblack Isle. On the island you can have Olra switch your vocations.
Aught ought not have naught for recompense.
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