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Just prancing but (Archived)cookieforlive44/27/2013
Immortal's Coat (Archived)MallakMayhem54/27/2013
Chilling razors, really? (Archived)Lumenn24/27/2013
Bloodlust, Sanguinity, etc on Blackbitter? (Archived)Blood_Raven_X54/27/2013
Is it just my luck? (Archived)Lumenn84/27/2013
Is it always night on bitterblack? (Archived)AjRavencourt24/27/2013
Diamonds? (Archived)texasgoldrush84/27/2013
I bought this game today and i have already played it for nearly 8 hours :O (Archived)Yorkshire_1464/27/2013
New player looking to share pawns and tips (Archived)MaidenCrowe74/27/2013
Just got this game (Archived)
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Help Reaching Level in Ward of Regret (Archived)deboweyd54/27/2013
What's the best companion for a Warrior/Assassin? (Archived)Foofer_Hamster44/27/2013
Can I still get the Eternal Ferrystone If I've never played DD? (Archived)yoyodoj054/27/2013
Fast travel on the Isle? (Archived)Blood_Raven_X64/27/2013
Help by getting my Pawn (Archived)AsianOdin14/27/2013
Question about starting New Game (Archived)blazin-24-734/27/2013
Things new and things broken (Archived)Garudin24/27/2013
When it says 'Downloadable Content includes extra weapons, armour & more'... (Archived)Yorkshire_1464/27/2013
Anyone have the full list of balance changes to the classes? (Archived)Knight_Of_Order24/27/2013
Does this offer enough new content to buy it again if you already beat DD? (Archived)Brandy197744/27/2013
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