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Is anyone having a problem with dragons roaring and killing your pawns? (Archived)zxHAWKEYExz54/27/2013
Does Weal Affect RC Gain? (Archived)Plutalis14/27/2013
3 rounds to kill the Ur Dragon offline (Archived)Dragonhart201244/27/2013
Game won't install (Archived)
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I don't understand the deadlines for sidequests on the wiki (Archived)Darkest_Souls24/27/2013
Latest update? (Archived)katerinafm84/27/2013
is this game a new area on the main map. or a whole new game with the old inside (Archived)shads305544/27/2013
Did they remove secondary inclinations, or is mine just bugged? (Archived)Isaac_Redfield44/27/2013
Already own DD, should I trade towards this? (Archived)ArtisticChic54/27/2013
Started with a fresh character, No eternal ferrystone (Archived)Argol_vazin84/27/2013
Hello everyone noob here (Archived)giantsirslayer44/27/2013
Sapfire Daggers (Archived)Drofrehterv234/27/2013
Silly question but how on earth do you install HD pack. (Archived)DTxx24/27/2013
Eternal Ferrystone Is In The Inn's Item Storage System (Archived)HGAT14/27/2013
Need Grisly Armor, willing to trade. (Archived)JAZZHANDSJESUS64/27/2013
Question about the game itself... (Archived)EinherjarZX34/27/2013
Moonbeam stones and arisen recollections (Archived)Aegisbreaker64/27/2013
Where the HELL is my Eternal Ferrystone?! (Archived)The Elite144/27/2013
Is anybody else noticing their pawns being dumb as hell? (Archived)
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