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Silly question but how on earth do you install HD pack. (Archived)DTxx24/27/2013
Eternal Ferrystone Is In The Inn's Item Storage System (Archived)HGAT14/27/2013
Need Grisly Armor, willing to trade. (Archived)JAZZHANDSJESUS64/27/2013
Question about the game itself... (Archived)EinherjarZX34/27/2013
Moonbeam stones and arisen recollections (Archived)Aegisbreaker64/27/2013
Where the HELL is my Eternal Ferrystone?! (Archived)The Elite144/27/2013
Is anybody else noticing their pawns being dumb as hell? (Archived)
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Fast Travel with Dark Arisen? (Archived)StrifeH2O64/26/2013
With the buff to bows how many sorc levels (Archived)MoonBound34/26/2013
I got It new for only $30, so I think I got a good deal. (Archived)ghstbstr14/26/2013
Kinda stuck, Can someone hook up a Magic Archer bow? (Archived)PsychoticNess24/26/2013
Anyone beat...(possible spoilers) (Archived)Forever1up54/26/2013
mother of all idol (Archived)umn0944/26/2013
100k Rift Crystals (Archived)Kinger100024/26/2013
Any way to select HD texture pack? (Archived)ambar_hitman34/26/2013
Installed the install disc first. How do you activate the HD textures? (Archived)RPGNinja12334/26/2013
Using Dark/Demon's Souls music. (Archived)Victer64234/26/2013
Where the hell do you find this game? (Archived)
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Sould i delete all my DLC? (Archived)guildclaws64/26/2013
No rabbits are spawning in my game (Archived)Ramsus3244/26/2013
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