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User Info: roc_420247

3 years ago#1
hi I'm new to the game just wondering what is the best class to be
If I wanted a swing a sword and shoot fire balls or some kind of magic? or is it even possible in this game thx

User Info: Arc166

3 years ago#2
Magic Knight fits your description.

Or is it Mystic Knight?

I forget.

User Info: prince_nagash

3 years ago#3
Mystic Knight.

And of all the 9 classes, only the mage class can heal.

Mage hybrids can't cast healing spells, but they have other good support spells.

User Info: roc_420247

3 years ago#4
thx guys

User Info: Illnesssss

3 years ago#5
Yeah Mystic Knight man. That's my brothers favorite class. Sword, shield, and magic powers lol.
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