Hire my Sorc pawn and get lvl 3 stuff!

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3 years ago#31
Please do!

Feel free to add me on PSN and give me your thoughts on how she does.


3 years ago#32
New gear sent and more to come tomorrow. Will keep working on her gear as well.
3 years ago#33
Fighting Daimon, she was like "Nup, f*** it." *spam comets* One of the finniest things ive seen in this game. Now she does it for like every mob when ive taken away half thier health or something. Id be working at it, chipping away and she just come in with the fight-ender haha
PSN: Zxman300
3 years ago#34
Lmao...yeah I noticed her love for the meteor too...always makes me laugh.
3 years ago#35
Sending out more gear later to people I KNOW are using her and people it tells me HAVE used her. Noticed a few people said they would and haven't...so if you want styff use her! Got some novelty weapon armor and gear...ALL level 3.
3 years ago#36
need that bow you were referring to in 1st post. thanks!

psn - phabejlaib
3 years ago#37
Hit me up with a fr and I'll use her when I get up in the morning
Gt. Desolate World
Psn. Desolate_World
3 years ago#38
hey there! i'll gladly use her but am lower level =(
heres my psn: leovancedance
3 years ago#39
I've hired her a bit next time I rest u should get so RC have not had much chance to play but when I do I bring her along . I'm PNS vendoris she works well with my pawn
3 years ago#40
I utilized her pretty well with my sorceror, Bolides all around, pretty much smacked down every Chimera we went up against, even their Gore brethren. She was a little difficult to keep track of against the Gorecyclops though, granted it was hard to keep tabs on all my pawns then. Just chiming in to say I still have her, since before taking on Maximillian's quests up to Post-Game into Bitterblack Isle.
PSN: DerelictFrost101
3DS: Frosty 2148 - 8323 - 9408
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  3. Hire my Sorc pawn and get lvl 3 stuff!

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