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#11vedoris86Posted 5/8/2013 4:55:02 PM
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#12sinvalentinesPosted 5/8/2013 5:16:40 PM
Okay guys , me and todd have spoke on ps3(before he went off) and we both are going to be doing this rewarding people. However my pawn is a bit higher then the regulation(LVL 185).

If you want to use him thats fine by me. Ive just made room in my friends list so unfortuantly its a first come first bases. I am considering to start hiring people for 7 runs in BBI.

If i do there will have to be some catches.

Most likely catches:
I would require 2x lvl 3 cursed items(gear, weapon, armor) first because once i've done the runs i will be releasing your pawn, then messaging you then deleting you(unless you don't want me to and wanna use my pawn because i would need to make room for more people.
If you dont send the items 1st then basically your pawn wont be used and you will be deleted straight away and in the result of that your pawn wont gain knowledge and be given 5 stars no matter of the performance.
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#13Arc166Posted 5/8/2013 5:23:45 PM
I think you're misunderstanding the topic. This is not a low-level topic, the last one was. He just personally only wants to hire people under level 100. It is not a rule.

Unless I'm misunderstanding it.
#14sinvalentinesPosted 5/8/2013 5:33:13 PM
Arc166 posted...
I think you're misunderstanding the topic. This is not a low-level topic, the last one was. He just personally only wants to hire people under level 100. It is not a rule.

Unless I'm misunderstanding it.

yeh ur misunderstanding it, i know hes hiring level 100 below , so am i because im co hosting this with him but because im deleting people straight away and theres a chance they can say they haven't help when the person who hired them knows they have and its like 2 different sides of the story.

And asking for a short amount of items can prove/ catchout the people who was gonna scam because i've done it before and caught out roughly 25 people(in real life)
Asking for a small fee they saying no and finding out they scammed a different person for the same job.

so 2 items will deffo catchout those people and todd knows im a high level because he just used my pawn and i got him on ps3 and were always chatting and the reason i said im over the regulation is because if i do hire a lvl 100 below , people can strt using my pawn to help them out a bit( if they decided too)

Another reason i asked for 2 items is because i dont need rc, ive got over 58 million rc and im just wanting cursed items by doing run through by my self and hopefully by people wanting me to do their pawn so i can lower my figure and because im nearlly lvl 200 aswell i can get any pawn for free so that figure is just gonna get bigger and bigget
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#15Arc166Posted 5/8/2013 5:37:23 PM
You're talking about a lot of stuff that doesn't really seem relevant to what I was talking about. I am simply saying this is not a topic for just people under 100. Your reasoning for wanting to hire under that, that you do want to, that TC wants to, how people have acted in the past and gifting is all crap I really don't actually care about.

He states in the very first post in this topic that it is not a low-level topic, and while he will hire only under level 100, others don't have to. For them to hire over level 100 people would need to first have level 100's in this topic. That is all I'm saying and all I care about.
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Class: Fighter

Sunday he was 39. Hes now like level 54 since I decided to have some fun and go to BBI using nothing but Bluemoon Tower / Soulflayer canyon gear. Arc of Deliverance is a lifesaver when you only have 700 or so attack lol.

Managed to get some cool Level 1 armors though!

Also, some guy with the name "translationerror" hired my pawn, earned me 30,000 Rift Crystals and gave me all 5's. Thanks for that good sir.
#17Toddlarod(Topic Creator)Posted 5/8/2013 6:03:19 PM
For the record - I am not charging people items for this, lol. That's just sin's requirement if you want hires. Fair enough I suppose?

I'm doing this all for the good of having a fun sharing community in which everyone benefits.

Hopefully more people will join soon.

So, here's our current list(let me know if I did something wrong and I need to change it):

toddlarod | toddlarod | Vanessa | <150 | Ranger

Sinvalentines | sinvalentines | cally | <200 | Fighter/Warrior

Arc166 | Cat1992 | Sara | <150 | Warrior

Shortietheshort | UBERHAXED | Sandali | level>100 | Sorcerer

skatermoose_1 / muse0042 / Pawn: Artemis >100 / ranger

vedoris86 I vedoris I maica I 100> I sorc

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Toddlarod posted...
I took cally and my favorite pawn, LayoftheAutumn's Autumn to BBI, where Death took care of them rather quickly.

Gotta get off of my PS3 for the night but will still be on my phone to update info, answer questions, or make the list. :)

Lol, just logged into find Autumn gained a whole 505 RC! Hurray to someone liking my pawn alot :)
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#20XunfetteredXPosted 5/8/2013 7:01:50 PM
Just started this game today. Have no clue what im doing lol

Whatever help i can get would be lovely until I lvl up then Ill return favors lol

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