Port Crystals

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User Info: DavidShull

3 years ago#1
Hi I tried sending port crystals to my other account.

DES_91 pawn name Dave/Tankjr even added my other account as a friend but it still will not show my pawn...

Can anyone hire him and give him port crystal please

Any help would be appreciated.

User Info: DavidShull

3 years ago#2

User Info: CocaCola0703

3 years ago#3
Im not sure if port crystals are tradeable.
If you just started then you should be able to get some with the DA content since they added some.

2 early ones that come to mind are bottom of the everfall when you first go in.
and another one when u meet a person named Dragonforged there should be a path to go a little deeper in his house and there will be one.

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