Free RC service

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3 years ago#21
Psn: tenrosu
Pawn: karin

I appreciate this
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3 years ago#22
Currently only 40-ish and have yet to complete the game, but will appreciate any help that is offered and will return the favors once post-game.

PSN: elszsle
Pawn: Gaz
3 years ago#23
PSN: Vandermillion
Pawn Name: Dawn

Appreciate it kindly ^_^
3 years ago#24
thanks if u get chance

psn vedoris
pawn maica
3 years ago#25
Right here!!
PSN: Sleepinfireheart
3 years ago#26
My pawn is lowly, and admittedly pretty crappy, sorcerer. If you could hire her even once it would be greatly appreciated.
PSN: naresh_b5
3 years ago#27
Cool, i'm hurting for some RC currently. Just killed Daimon for the second time yesterday and i've started to farm, but im short on RC :( ( i have 3k, lol). any help would be greatly appreciated.

PSN: Shin_Ein
Pawn: Amatiel
3 years ago#28
psn -mikec28
pawn- mage
3 years ago#29
psn name: Sambearpig

Pawn name: Gemma

Cheers ;)
3 years ago#30
i need RC pls rent my pawn

fighter lvl 145

PSN kalabao_01

tnk u very much!

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