Naruto's BBI Trading Thread Looking for......

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Hey Guys, I figured I would open up a BBI trading thread like I use to do for the original, always:

What I am currently looking for:

Gear Level 3
Armor Level 3

What I currently have for trade: (Make sure to check number to see if I have in stock)

Novelty Level 1 (x4)
Novelty Level 2 (x4)
Novelty Level 3 (x8)

Gear Level 1 (x0)
Gear Level 2 (x1)

Weapon Level 1 (x1)
Weapon Level 2 (x3)
Weapon Level 3 (x3)

Armor Level 1 (x9)
Armor Level 2 (x2)

Almost any monster material you will need and a lot of everfall and such items, ask if you are after something in particular.

IMPORTANT: Today, 5/9/13 I may not be on long, but tm I should be on for a while that is if we don't get to trade today.

PSN: naruto12185

Please post your trade here and then send me a friend request either stating your name on here or what you want, first come first serve. Thanks!
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