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3 years ago#1
Hi guys I'm new here. I am also new to Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen. So far it seems my pawn has only be hired once and that time She made me 25000 + rift crystals which was amazing.

She is a lvl 70 fighter with Scather/Challenger and she is quite helpful in fighter. And I believe I made her talk not very much.

It would great if you guys could kindly hire her because I really want her to help other people as well (or for the rift crystals).

PSN: Clouderess
Pawn Name: Cloudery

Thank you guys very much!!!
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
i'll hire her but not playing at the moment. i need to dragonforge a few items. i am going to bring her to fight the cursed dragon and death if he blocks my path.
3 years ago#4
We're fairly close in level range, If you hire my pawn i'l return the favor. 67~ mage

Add me and hire her.
PSN: Multhirius
GT: Thek3mp
3 years ago#5
I really doing nothing right now. I can farm some items for your pawn and hire it while fighting Daimon I'm just going to make them bait for Daimon so I can buff my Blessed Trance

PSN: jambelmonte01
Pawn: Luna Level Infinity (Ranger)
I'm no hero. Never was, never will be. I'm just an old killer, hired to do some wet work - Old Snake(Metal Gear Solid)
3 years ago#6
Thank you guys! I will add you guys as soon as possible!
3 years ago#7
Check out Toddlarods post on Pawn Trading. There is certain link in that post, that has over a hundred listed, active players. If you are already listed on it, my apologies.
PSN: Jamiaro
DD: Da Pawn: Rurik, lvl 61 Strider. Inc: Utilitarian/Scather/Challenger
3 years ago#8
Will give her a spin and i'll see what i can give as well ~_~
PSN id : gunplamac18
--- milk makes me strong ---
3 years ago#9
Sent you a FR as well. ~_~
PSN id : gunplamac18
--- milk makes me strong ---
3 years ago#10
Gave your pawn some items. Sleep in game and check it out :D
PSN id : gunplamac18
--- milk makes me strong ---

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