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3 years ago#1

Hello! Welcome to The Official Pawn Trading Club of Dark Arisen!
PLEASE read all of this so you know everything that can be done and everything we are doing in the club.

This is a club meant to benefit everyone. It is meant to work as a community. Therefore, you cannot only advertise your pawn and never be heard from again.

If you join, you must be an active member. If you aren't, you may be considered to be not playing anymore and will be removed from the list. Don't just advertise yourself. You can talk about the pawns you have with you, about who gave you what(very helpful so they can get points on the Rewards Program), or really anything pertaining to the game or the club, just don't advertise yourself once and disappear.

This club works both ways. "You hire us, we hire you." Keep in mind that hiring pawns of other members and them reporting it to the club is a great way to get noticed and be more likely to get hired. Another great way to do this is to be active within our community.


Gfaqs name | PSN | Pawn Name | Level* | Vocation

Toddlarod | toddlarod | Vanessa | <150 | Ranger

* not specific. Examples: >100, >50, >150, 200

Bolded: see #5



Lefunk11 | Lefunk11 | Ashleigh | 200 | Fighter

The best pawn that I(toddlarod) used in the previous week becomes the featured pawn of the week. I will take the featured pawn along with me for the entire week and will personally endorse the pawn to the entire club.

In my notes, I will keep track of how many hires are reported for each member. When a member reaches a certain amount of hires, I will contact them, allowing them a reward.

The list of rewards are as follows:

5 hires - Portcrystal + Wakestone OR one level 1 Cursed item of choice.
10 hires - Two level 2 Cursed items of choice.
15 hires - One level 3 Cursed item of choice.
20 hires - Two level 3 Cursed items of choice.

After you purchase something with your hires, they will be reset to 0. The process is repeated as long as the member is in the Club.

Also - you can have up to 100 hires counted. At that point, you must spend them or they will be reset to 0. You have the opportunity at any time you have enough hires to spend them - simply let me know.

Here is our spreadsheet which keeps track of how many hires each person has. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF HIRE REPORTS YOU HAVE RECEIVED:

PSN: Striderbadguy
Dragon's Dogma DA Pawn: Yurina Kumai Lvl.200 Fighter
3 years ago#2

All-Star Pawns will be placed on a separate list above the regular list. These are pawns that have earned their way onto the list by any of the following:

•Being active
•Being generous
•Being helpful
•Hiring a lot of pawns
•Taking part in Club activities

A single pawn will be added to the All-Star list per week in a DIFFERENT way. I will make a poll each week with random pawns from the club and whoever gets the most votes will have a permanent spot on the list.

All-Star Pawns:

Toddlarod | toddlarod | Vanessa | <150 | Ranger

Sinvalentines | sinvalentines | cally | 200 | Fighter/Warrior

Silbe | mezzokakerlake/mezzokakerlake2 | Petz/Heiji | <200/<50 | Fighter/Ranger

MortimerShadow | MortifiedShadow | Alexandra | <150 | Mage

Crazyfuel | LayoftheAutumn | Autumn | <150 | Ranger

AbhorrentDeity | HeimdallsWrath | Hyperion | >100 | Fighter

Mark_Fury | Mark_Fury_ | Panthro | <150 | Mage

Nicodimus | Nicodimus222 | Mina | <150 | Mage

Lefunk11 | Lefunk11 | Ashleigh | <200 | Strider/Fighter

Deepgain | Westgate24 | Madeleine | 200 | Mage

Draco2139 | draco2139 | Merlin | <150 | Sorcerer

Badlad1018 | Tenrosu | Karin | 200 | Sorcerer

Arc166 | cat1992 | Sara | <200 | Warrior

DrReck | reckerrr | Heracles | 200 | Fighter

Yamijii | Gigetsu | Destiny | 200 | Fighter/Ranger

This is our spreadsheet in which all of the pawns are to be placed. I ask that you please add yourself in and update yourself whenever it is necessary as I will be extremely busy with the rest of the parts of this club.

As stated before, when entering your information on the spreadsheet, place it like this.

Gfaqs name | PSN | Pawn Name | Pawn Level | Vocation

I ask that you PLEASE update yourself to the spreadsheet and when your info changes that you update it so people looking for something specific find it easily.
6.Probation List:

Keep in mind that this is fairly easy to avoid and fairly easy to be removed from

The Probation List is made to ensure that members get the credit they deserve. The main reason I made this is because people don't report when they are being hired. There are a few other ways to be placed here:

•Not being active for a week
•Being rude to other members
•Scamming me or anybody else

Keep in mind that the only single thing that will place you on the list itself is not reporting hires.

It is fairly easy to be removed from this list!

All you have to do is request removal from it within a week of being placed on it. If you don't, you will be removed from the club.(But don't worry - you can request to be added back in.)

Being placed here has no severe or permanent effects. This is essentially just a warning before you get removed from the club.

I will be updating the Probation list in a spreadsheet and posting it in the club's thread every ten pages or so.

PSN: Striderbadguy
Dragon's Dogma DA Pawn: Yurina Kumai Lvl.200 Fighter
3 years ago#3

This is just a copy & paste of the previous topic. If you have any questions regarding rewards, pawn of the week, or any other details, you'll have to ask Toddlarod.

Have fun and let's keep the club alive!
PSN: Striderbadguy
Dragon's Dogma DA Pawn: Yurina Kumai Lvl.200 Fighter
3 years ago#4
Whoop, next topic.
PSN: overlord_envy | Pawn: Carmina | Level 200 Sorcerer
3 years ago#5
Today's Pawn update:

Dropped off:
- Lenneth from kippei
- Rin Tohsaka from Synergist

Thanks for hiring my Pawn:
- ardpsiko 300k RC + gift
- Synergist 103k RC + gift
PSN: Striderbadguy
Dragon's Dogma DA Pawn: Yurina Kumai Lvl.200 Fighter
3 years ago#6
So, how are you going?
PSN: overlord_envy | Pawn: Carmina | Level 200 Sorcerer
3 years ago#7
yay, new topic

thanks to the following:
Xarius01 for 223k RC
LeFunk11 for 198k RC

and BBI Novelty lvl 3
3 years ago#8
Bao Awke

currently running through bitterblack again with them. When I'm done I aim to hire some new pawns.
Currently Playing:Dark Arisen Pawn-Lucrezia Challenger/Mitigator
3 years ago#9

Taking out Lucrezia from DingKing and Mouse from Achmed_One, gonna go do a few Daimon kills...stupid magick bow never dropping in a lvl 3 >_< got 7 saved right now, but everytime I take a peak they all come back the same weapon!...redonkulous..ok back to killing
gEiStToG / gEiStToG / Twittler / <120 / Warrior
Oh North cold and awesome you are...ha
3 years ago#10
Oops, I was gonna wait a bit and make this topic but I fell asleep. Oh well

Anyway, got some people to thank

Yamijii- 216,451 RC 5 stars gear lvl3 and changed my pawn's gear for an abyssinal coat and lordly cloak
Lefunk11- 47,958 RC 5 stars panacea and "employed skills masterfully" comment
Geisttog- 78,178 RC
Geisttog- 352,948 RC 5 stars, blood red crystal and Daimon's horn
Xenoloco- 61,113 RC 5 stars conqueror's periapt
Qc_Stryder said that^^
PSN- Qc_Stryder
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