special arrows and pawns..

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3 years ago#1
how do you get them to use more often?
3 years ago#2
From my experience, I noticed that my pawn will use special arrows with the enemies he has 3 stars knowledge AND with the enemies that I use that special arrows with....

I dunno....try to choose his personalities into sth like....util/nexus/.... Or....

Sorry cant help much :s it depends on the random occasion I guess lol
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3 years ago#3
hmm..your pawn is a ranger too. cool, going to take him out for some test fights.
3 years ago#4
your experience is right. your pawn was using conqueror's peraipt and blast arrows 9/10 fights against garms.
mine used none ;(
and look at her stats http://i.imgur.com/NpCkAbR.jpg

now i have to change my sorcerer to a ranger lol
i sent you a few valuable items, so you can trade them in for blast arrows. ;)
3 years ago#5
As far as I know, and this isn't concrete mind you, you have to "teach" your pawn how to use Debilitating/Blast Arrows. They learn from watching the Arisen fight and try their best to mimic their fighting style, so if you abuse the Special Arrows, your pawn (and any pawns hired) would naturally begin using them as well. However, they are very selective in who "deserves" the Special Arrows.They won't use them on any random enemy like a Goblin or Saurian, but against the likes of Ogres, Garms, Gorecyclopes, Eliminators and such, they will equip them immediately and start going to town. This is all from my experiences with my pawn as well as others. Again, nothing is concrete.
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  3. special arrows and pawns..

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