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3 years ago#11
Mclix posted...
Kildars, I have to rest after releasing your pawns? I gave you both your pawns 5 star ratings and did two Daimon runs with them.


Damn it. Didn't know. Can I rest after I start up again? If not, I'm going to rehire your pawns again and run them through some more.

Hi there.

After releasing pawns (or if they somehow become forfeit) you will need to rest for the owner of that pawn to receive them back. Don't worry though whenever you rest again next time I'm sure you'll upload the status and I'll receive them. Thanks for using my pawns :D
PSN : Kildars / Pawn : Morrigan Lv200 Mage
PSN : KildarsZwei / Pawn : Sophitia Lv 200 Strider/Fighter
3 years ago#12
Thanks to:
endingfireworks for 22,948RC! I'm thinking the 3* rating is probably because my pawn died by means of the Brine, Daimon, etc...
kubsman for 509,847RC and the BBI weapon lv.3

Currently hired Pamme_piggy's Dylan and Kildars' Morrigan.
PSN: Mendependant | Pawn: Judeau/200/Strider
(message deleted)
3 years ago#14
Alright I have finally got my YLOD fixed and am officially back in Dragon's Dogma! And Thanatos has been quite busy in my absence. I would like to give many thanks to the following:

Pamme_piggy: 486k RC, gifted Fae-Silver Plate & Frostwyrm Scute, “Employed Skills Masterfully” comment
Striderbadguy: 1 Million RC, gifted Supple Dragon Pelt, “It has been a pleasure” comment
SynergistOne: 174k RC, gifted Lvl 3 Weapon, “My thanks” comment
machakZ: 360k RC, 3 stars (guess he died)
whowhatwhere: 100k RC, gifted Wakestone & Conquerer’s Periapt, “Was our Finest Warrior” comment

This is the highest amount of hires I've ever received at a single time, and the first million I've received ever (yes, that includes Vanilla. Major thanks Strider!). I offer all of my gratitude to you all and hope he induced Torpor on enemies like a champ lol. If any of you need anything, be sure to let me know.

I will begin hiring again tomorrow. Cheers!
3 years ago#15
Jinxle666 posted...
Can any one confirm for me please.
What do i accutaly need to do when releasing pawns to gurantee their feedback and rc. I currently rift, release, gift, rate and rest. is that all.

Also what affects their RC count (besides exp) for example do i have to play without reloading, switching game off or can i just save / load, quit etc as many times as i want and their RC is just based on total time with me and exp gained?

Thanks in advance :D

Pretty sure keeping pawns for long periods of time affects RC amount, i also like to use pilgrims charms when i'm rolling with pawns from the community. As it doubles exp which i'm assuming increases RC amount as well.
"Hey L, did you know? Angels of Death love apples."
Psn: La-Fantoma Pawn: Marisha/ Psn: XxNether_RealmxX Pawn: Envy
3 years ago#16
Also, would like to thank these kind adventures for their generous rentals:

RagingBuddha- 545,861 RCs Plus some rare materials as well as an item i've never even seen before "Bright Virid Scale" Thanks buddy. ^^
Kildars- 137,550 RCs Plus a 5 star rating
Teshi0620- 121,864 RCs and a 5 star rating

Thanks again to all of you
"Hey L, did you know? Angels of Death love apples."
Psn: La-Fantoma Pawn: Marisha/ Psn: XxNether_RealmxX Pawn: Envy
3 years ago#17
Hiring Yamijii's pawn Destiny.
PSN : chaossion
Pawn : Alicia - LVL 200 - Sorcerer/Mage
3 years ago#18
Since we now have v#11 of this thread, thought i would re-post. My pawn is a tempestuous redhead mage named Flamehair. :) she has good gear and spells for her level - also someone gifted me armor for her tempered with wyrmfire! she has high versions of 3 fire and 3 holy spells equipped. She has MAX Mage rank and all skills earned available. She's lower level, but would appreciate any training or feedback on her performance!



METALJAH57 | m_e_t_a_l-JAH-57 | Flamehair | lvl 32 | Mage
3 years ago#19
Currently running through Gransys with pawns Trish and Morrigan, i forget the PSN members but i got them from this thread. Will report back later when i release them!



METALJAH57 | m_e_t_a_l-JAH-57 | Flamehair | lvl 36 | Mage
3 years ago#20
Going to do another play session after work and will rest so Kildar can get his rating and RC and will proceed to hire some others too :)

Anyone want to hire Xandra? Still would like feedback on what I can improve upon.

Also, do you all prefer a Mage or Sorcerer?
PSN ID: Modern-Clix
DD:DA Pawn: Xandra, Lv. 200 Sorcerer/Mage
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