Spellcasters: Which Leg Armor Enhancement Do You Prefer?

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User Info: Akatsuki-Kikumi

3 years ago#1
Hello Sorcerers. If you had to choose between the following two bonus enhancements (for Lv.3 BBI leg armors), which would be your choice and why? I will consider your input when it comes time for me to choose one over the other:

1. "Increases maximum item-carrying capacity." -- Increases weight limit by 20.

2. "Boosts movement speed while casting spells."
-- Increase movement speed while preparing spell till release, like Gicel or Seism for example.
-- Do not work if spell is already released and active, like Fulmination.

My arisen weighs below 50 kg and therefore she becomes encumbered rather easily. I can try to mitigate this with Sinew augment but that would take up a precious Augment slot (and we are limited to only 6 slots).

It should be noted that increasing the weight limit by 20 is NOT the same as increasing the Very Light category by 20 which is what Sinew does.

I observed that the movement speed boost (due to enhancement #2) during spell casting is very significant so much so that it's actually feasible to avoid/dodge incoming attacks while you're casting a spell.
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User Info: dicemanxx

3 years ago#2
When I play I'm an obsessive collector of items even though I don't actually need most of them. Therefore, I only use lv.3 Boots with the boost to carry weight. Nothing else comes close.
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User Info: tritiumrain

3 years ago#3
I actually prefer the enhancement that prevents wind from affecting mobility.

Out of the two you listed I would take the increased carry capacity.
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User Info: Nicodimus

3 years ago#4
I always prefer the carrying boost. I want every character to be at 'very light' and still have some room. If they get to 'light' during the course of a long run, it's OK, but I never let 'average' happen.
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