Hire my pawn Please~

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User Info: DeschOrbatos

3 years ago#1
My pawn is lvl 30+ and is a sorcerer. Would like more RC so i can purify weapons when i get to Dark Arisen area. thanks in advance.

PSN: Teinaava

User Info: sion013

3 years ago#2
why not try joining the pawn trading club? take others' pawn for a spin and others will take urs. they are a bunch of nice folks there.
PSN : chaossion
Pawn : Alicia - LVL 200 - Sorcerer/Mage

User Info: Hazelhart

3 years ago#3
I recall reading that you need to report back on Pawns and be active there, not everyone bother those club rules.
PSN: Hazelhart and Tacanacy
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